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Another primary, another never/trump republican bites the dust:

After a tight race, incumbent Representative Peter Meijer lost to Trump loyalist John Gibbs in Michigan’s GOP primary contest for the state’s third congressional district on Tuesday.

There was a time when Meijer’s re-election in the primary might have been considered a sure thing, then Trump endorsed his opponent:

“John Gibbs is a fabulous talent who loves the State, our Military, and our Vets. He will always protect our Second Amendment, our Southern Border, and the Police—there will be no defunding with John!,” Trump said of Gibbs.

Meijer, on the other hand, was one of ten Republicans to vote to impeach Trump over his role in inciting the January 6 Capitol riot. His election prospects seemed to sour after that move, with progressive polling agency Impact Research finding in a February poll that likely voters preferred any other Republican to Meijer by more than 40 points.

The tributes are pouring in for yet another useful idiots for the NeverTrump Democrat Left who has suffered the tragic result of his days of usefulness coming to a close:

I for one am shocked SHOCKED that the left did not repay him for being a stand up guy for their cause and instead used his vote to retire him from congress for mere party gain and join in their grief in their discoveries that the Democrat Left is not populated by honorable people out for the good of the country.

Adam Kinzinger for one thinks Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, but he’s not so ashamed as to jump off the Jan 6th witch-hunt bandwagon that is sending ordinary Americans to jail:

It’s first worth noting that Guy Reffitt never even entered the Capitol Building. He remained outside on the plaza. So he didn’t destroy or steal any property inside the Capitol. It’s also unclear how he could possibly have “obstructed Congress” by standing outside on the plaza. As to his “interfering with police officers,” it’s true that Reffitt did approach the police line, but he never drew his firearm. He shouted at the police, but then retreated when one of them pepper sprayed him.

No word on if the seven plus years Mr. Reffitt got for not entering the capital and not drawing his gun and not touching anyone on January 6th causes any of the people crying over Meijer’s election any grief, but I doubt it.

#unexpetecedly of course.

Update: Forget this one, top of the page mind you:

Don’t worry he doesn’t blame the Democrats he blames those horrible GOP voters:

Maybe the fact that Meijer voted to impeach the cult leader was all the voters in his district needed to know to toss him out. There never has been and, God willing, never will be an impeachment vote against a president as righteous and justified as the one Meijer cast on January 13 of last year, yet the GOP voters of his district punished him for it by taking away his job. That’s not a function of Democratic chicanery or GOP voters “going along” with it. It’s proof of Republican moral rot.

Normally I wouldn’t bother to have even clicked in any piece offered by Allapundit but I’m glad I clicked on this one. Remember the next time these folks ask you for subscription money what they think of conservatives that they are the alternate media for.

Update 2 Just saw this at Ace of Spades:

What an idea — that a paid, professional “conservative media” should, occasionally at least, feature actual conservatives working for it.


Personal news: My last day at Hot Air will be Friday, September 2

I wonder how many potential subscribers simply walked away after seeing his work. More from the land of Ace

If you’re worried about ol’ Allah, don’t be. He’s got all that Pierre Omidyar grifter money coming — the NeverTrumpers are the highest paid fringe political group in history — and he’s still doing what he loves to do, trolling conservatives.

The guy who is forever complaining about conservatives forever “owning the libs” continues perverting what is supposed to be a “news site of conservative views and opinion” into a nonstop exercise in “owning the cons:”

That may or may not be true but here’s the real question that’s worth asking:

Regardless of my opinion of Allahpundit and his current Opinions at Hotair he was one of the most senior writers in the place and thus likely had a lot of clout over what got linked, what made the headlines section etc. Given his seniority there that would not be out of line but I suspect those choices might have proved costly given the “Join VIP” model to comment.

It will be interesting to see if there is a change of direction in terms of the headline and how much linkage places like the Bulwark etc get once he’s gone.

Given that Sept/Oct is the leadup to election 2020 that pivot might be very significant.

Now that we’ve seen reports of heavily “Hispanic” towns and cities in Texas voting GOP I’m wondering if the left is re-evaluating their border policies? It’s been joked for years that if they thought illegal immigrants would vote against them the left would have built the wall decades ago.

None of this should be a surprise, after all these folks didn’t leave one shithole to come to another

I really was taken by the report of the North Korean defector being amazed at the amount of censorship of thought going on around here lately. It was an important reminder that being American doesn’t confer immunity from tyranny stupidity, ignorance and most importantly cowardice without which none of these woke warriors would be able to function.

The degree of cowardice is simply astounding.

Our media has been very North Korean like lately or should I say it’s been that way for a while but only recently have they been publicly exposed in terms of lie after lie. So many that Donald Trump even took a victory lap in terms of how many false stories they pushed where he was right and they were wrong.

Spreading disinformation is dishonorable on their part. Knowing that it’s going on and doing nothing about it is dishonorable on our part.

The media and even the Biden Administration doesn’t care what we actually know as long as we play along and let them do it.

Of course the most North Korean thing going on has been the treatment of the Jan 6th protestors by this government in terms of charges, holding of people incommunicado etc. That this is going on while the people who literally burned cities were and still are given a pass is a national disgrace. That so many in law enforcement in the Capital and in the FBI are going along with this are a bigger disgrace.

I find myself turning to this speech from the 1935 Movie Captain Blood when he is asked at trial to plead Guilty or not Guilty to joining the Momouth’s rebellion:

Prosecutor: Peter Blood… guilty or not guilty?

Dr. Peter Blood: It’s entirely innocent, I am!

Clerk of the court: Take the stand and face his Lordship. [Peter Blood does so] Are you guilty or not guilty? You must use the right words.

Dr. Peter Blood: Words is it? Oh. Not guilty. And speaking of words, I’d like to say a few about the injustice of keeping an innocent man locked up for three months in such filth and heat and ill-feeding… that my chief regret is I didn’t try to pull down the filthy fellow that sits on the throne!

Who knew so many had ambitions to tyranny?

Finally I’ve noticed that on Rule Five Sundays at the other McCain Wombat (who is in charge of said post) has shifted from highlighting established stars to international cosplay girls in the lead of said post (many of them Russian).

Now while I acknowledge the cultural changes of the readership, concede that beauty is not confined by boarders and even smile at the idea of these young ladies making a living as models bypassing official agencies that might exploit them I really question the wisdom of those who might go to their sites and subscribe.

After all, in an age of ransomware attacks do you really want your credit card, bank or even paypal information in the hands of a Russian site just to look at some girl playing dress up?

Remember your information’s security is only as good as the least trustworthy or careful person holding it.