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Sir Humphrey Appleby: Open government, Prime Minister. Freedom of information. We should always tell the press freely and frankly, anything, that they could easily find out some other way

Yes Prime Minister: The Grand Design 1986

For two days now the left has been on full attack mode on Tucker Carlson for showing part of the J6 tapes that had been withheld from public view by the Democrat left.

There were a lot of adjectives thrown around by people who should know better but because they have become balkanized, jumped in two feet to express their condemnation at the images shown.

The anger of the left over this assault on their narrative was impressive but the source of these attacks is the fact that there is one word that can’t be credibly used to describe these images:


That’s because those images came directly from McCarthy and furthermore said images, like the origins of the COVID virus, the actions of Harvey Weinstien and even the actions of Jeffrey Epstein were known to many who are now screaming bloody murder over them being seen by you because the problem it poses for them is the same.

They don’t care if J6 wasn’t the insurrection they claimed or if COVID did come from a lab in china funded by Fauci or that Harvey Weinstein was making actresses bang him for parts or even if Jeffrey Epstein was pimping out underage girls for the rich, powerful and connected to use as their playthings. These are facts they’ve known for years and have ignored them or used the false narratives for their own ends.

What they object to is YOU knowing these facts because once these facts are publicly known they have to publicly react to them in a way that at best doesn’t reward them and at worst puts them and their positions at risk.

In other words these facts reveal them for what they are cowards, scum or just indifferent to their fellow man.

Pray for them.

Postscript: This observation from Mr. Hoge is worth noting

At the end of 2020, various friends from around the country asked me for advice about the where to stay in the DC area and the best routes in and out of town. They were all coming for rallies on 6 January. I gave my opinions on accommodations and other logistics—and I advised them to stay away from the Capitol Building and to let Congress do whatever it would do. Given that the Democrats were in control of both houses, it seemed to me that they had some sort of trap set for any demonstrations that strayed onto the turf under their exclusive control.

Thus far, nothing on the surveillance video aired by Fox has surprised me, and I presume the worst is yet to be revealed.

Yesterday I was at Workers Credit Union at the Twin City Mall. It’s the only branch of that bank I now go to because it’s the only one that is still manned by actual human beings not behind a television screen.

While I was there a man at the counter with the teller was commenting on how like me he only goes there because there are real people. The teller commented that they are thinking of converting this branch as well. When I got to the window she said the decision hasn’t been made yet but it’s a cost issue but their branch is constantly swamped BECAUSE they are the only one with real people and actual tellers at the windows.

She seemed to miss that in terms of profitability the fact that this branch is attracting customers tells you all you need to know about if getting ridding real people is a smart move.

This came to mind instantly when I read this from Stacy McCain’s piece on our mutual friend Dave Weigel who has been suspended from the Washington Post:

 I feel obligated to point out that Dave is an actual honest-to-God reporter, the kind who goes out on the road, talks to real human beings and takes notes, rather than sitting in front of a laptop making up phony narratives about people on social media, which seems to be Taylor Lorenz’s job description.

It was the same way a dozen years ago, when some of Dave’s “friends” on the Left decided to get him fired from the Post because he had the audacity to defend Ron Paul. Some of my conservative friends were doing a sack dance over Dave’s firing, but I called him up and offered him some advice: Where you go next, make sure that a travel budget is part of the deal. He signed on with Slate a few weeks later and, sure enough, a travel budget was included. Because that’s what Dave does best, really — The Man on the Scene, in an era when every other “journalist” in America seems to spend most of their time ranting on Twitter.

There is still a need for basic shoe-leather reporting in America, and that’s what Dave Weigel is best at. So this suspension from the Washington Post ought to be seen as an opportunity for some other news organization to grab Weigel and put him to work with (a) a guaranteed travel budget and (b) a promise he’ll never be fired for RT’ing a joke.

If you want actual reporting that people would find interesting the example of Dave Weigel actually going to places and talking to people rather than just sitting and pontificating might be a clue, particularly when you see the response to Salina Zito.

Of course there is a disadvantage that Dave has in the sense that last think the left wants is either for people of the right or their own people to be seen as they are in person.

If you were one of those folks on twitter who followed me you would have noticed that I had a habit of not blocking trolls, or idiots, or people who swore at me, practically the only way to get blocked by me was to be an obvious bot (identical tweets to many people usually with either no icon or a picture of a pretty girl often named something like joe3882472100) or to tweet images of pornography. Even those who insulted the church instead of being blocked would go on my Perpetual Twitter Novena list so I could pray for them.

The reason for this is simple. If the left was making a stupid or weak argument in my opinion the best thing is for people to see it and then to laugh at them. For example. A few hours before I was locked out I had the following exchange with such a person:

the response to this was a rather foolish one on our leftist friends part

You see once someone states you have put out “demonstrable lies” the logical thing is to say: OK Demonstrate them. He didn’t take it very well.

Now if I had just blocked such a fellow I would not have been able to illustrate to those who follow me and him that said statement about “demonstrable lies” was blowing smoke. Instead I was able to illustrate to my followers and his that he was full of it.

And that brings us once again to twitter locking me out.

You see if people are saying something stupid, or outrageous it’s simple enough to counter such folk because such arguments are generally over the top and given the number of people on twitter there is no shortage of bright people on the other side who could do so.

BUT if people are saying things or making observations that are factual and or credible, something that the average person can understand or even something that might make you think, like the link I sent out that got me locked, then you risk a discussion that can be lost.

Now if you are a person who wants facts and truth that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all if my opinion is wrong or “demonstratively false” I’d like to know it because I believe in truth and fact.

BUT if you are a person trying to advance a false or a weak proposition such as:

Donald Trump had a historic performance among non-white voters and outperformed his previous vote share even in blue cities EXCEPT in four cities in four swing state where Joe Biden not only outperformed Trump but out preformed Barack Obama enough to swing said states.”

Then the last thing you want is anyone advancing factual or credible arguments against it, particularly arguments that are easy for people to understand.

Or to put it simply, if our leftist friends on Twitter and Facebook thought that Joe Biden’s #election2020 #magicballots in #detroit #philadelphia #atlanta & #milwaukee were legitimate as sure as the sun rises in the east they would point at such posts and simply laugh or provide evidence that could easily or credibly counter assertions to the contrary.


If our leftist friends on Twitter and Facebook think that Joe Biden’s #election2020 #magicballots in #detroit #philadelphia #atlanta & #milwaukee were legitimate as sure as Jeffery Epstein killed himself then they will go all out to prevent evidence or arguments which support that fact.

The question isn’t if President Trump’s team has evidence of vote fraud. He does and plenty. The question is can he provide the courts with enough such evidence that will cause the courts to prescribe remedies to counter Joe Biden’s #Magicballots . You don’t know and neither do I. This is likely going to go to the Supreme Court.

But the Hollywood / media / academic / big tech left are fighting a different fight. The standard of evidence convince the avg person is MUCH lower than the standard to convince a court and right now the circumstantial evidence is more that sufficient to convince any citizen whose religion is not politics that the fix is in.

That’s the dirty little (Not So) secret here. They’re not censoring stuff because we’re making incredible arguments or points, they’re censoring us because we’re making credible arguments and points that the average person can understand.

In other words they’re still scared because they know it’s not legit.

For those of you wondering why the Hunter Biden story has still not broken through to the MSM even at this point or why the networks still haven’t pivoted to reflect the actual election reality the explanation is a one word answer:


I wrote a bit ago that the Democrat Media Academia (and I should add Big Tech) left’s basic plan in Election 2020 was Albert Sydney Johnston’s 1861 strategy in the west to hold back the overwhelmingly powerful Union forces that could strike along a line he couldn’t defend, basically a giant bluff with the newspapers on board predicting his advance with huge numbers into enemy territory at any moment.

Modern Democrats have played the same card (see the MSM on Texas and Georgia) to some effect among their shrinking delusional bubbled and increasingly violent base however….

Unfortunately for the media they have one disadvantage that General Johnston did not. There is an actual drop dead date for this tactic, namely election day, although in fairness the attempt to push the idea that mail in ballots will be enough to change a Trump election night victory to a defeat will likely continue until it’s clear that there simply aren’t enough votes to steal in enough states to reverse the result.

Now that drop dead date is less than 5 days away and despite the best efforts of an army of Raquel Rodriguezes as documented by James O’Keefe at Project veritas, literally millions of people who live in said bubble are about to find out just how weak the Democrats in General and Joe Biden in particular actually are.

And when this happens while we will have a lot of fun mocking the Youtube screamers the violent and unhinged leftists and some of their big money people who have let themselves be deceived rather than facing reality will be looking for scapegoats and that’s the bottom line here each reporter and news agency is asking.

Do you really want to be the reporter or the network these ignorant and/or violent fools blame for the re-election of Donald Trump?

The least bit of action that allows reality to penetrate the bubble will allow said bubble people to point at them to be the cause of the overwhelming victor that these idiots are still predicting from happening.

If they are very lucky the end result of such an action will be a huge financial and status hit, being blacklisted by Hollywood and rich leftists, denied speaking gigs or the ability to profit on the speaking circuit (once it reopens) and it goes without saying that they won’t be able to sell any book to a publisher.

If they are not it means becoming the target of a bunch of violent thugs who have already demonstrated a willingness to use violence against their own allies if they are displeased in the slightest even at their own homes.

There is not one network or paper in general or reporter in particular willing to face the wrath of this beast that they created.

So they will play the game right till election day and profess to the bubble people how shocked SHOCKED they are that somehow Donald Trump has won. They’ll blame fraud, they’ll blame SCOTUS they’ll point the blame wherever they can without worry about the consequences for the nation secure in the knowledge that they will still gain admission to the right parties, be welcome among the Hollywood crowd and still be able to pitch books to the faithful about how they fought the good fight against the evil Trump Empire.