One Amusing Point Concerning A Potential Trump Arrest

Posted: March 21, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized

“Be kind to everyone on the way up; you’ll meet the same people on the way down.“

Wilson Miznor

Of all the reactions to the Potential Arrest of Donald Trump for political reasons one of the ones I found most amusing was this:

How DARE Ron DeSantis not say anything about something that hasn’t happened in a state that isn’t his to defend somebody who has not only been attacking him relentlessly but has had their surrogates with the help of the left try to impede him.

Of course this didn’t stop Mike Pence appearing on ABC from calling this out for what it is:

It just feels like a politically charged prosecution here. And I, for my part, I just feel like it’s just not what the American people want to see. We got real challenges in this country today, Jon. People are facing record inflation, a crisis at our border. We have war in Eastern Europe, the American people are anxious about the future and here we go again, back into another politically charged prosecution directed at the former president of the United States, and I would just hope for better.

If I’m DeSantis I don’t say a thing until something happens and if I am asked I’d say something like this:

This is the reason why so many people are leaving NY and choosing Florida you have a DA ignoring actual crime while going after people for political reasons.

Of course what I think he should say is now moot because before I could finish writing the post DeSantis said this:

He hit all the best key points:

  • Soros prosecutor downgraded 50% of felonies to misdemeanors
  • He’s basically weaponizing the office
  • The real victims are the regular people because crime that hurts people is ignored.
  • I’m the only Governor who has removed a Soros prosecutor from office

He even managed an interesting line that I’m sure Donald might not appreciate:

“Look, I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a pornstar to secure silence over some type of alleged affair. I can’t speak to that. But what I can speak to is that if you have a prosecutor who is ignoring crimes happening every single day in his jurisdiction and he chooses to go back many many years ago to try to use something about pornstar hush money payments, you know that’s an example of pursuing a political agenda and weaponizing the office,”

But given all the attacks Trump has given him he’s got no business complaining. Although his surrogates are all pissed off. I’ll give Brian Jacobson the last word.

If you want people to be your friend when you need them, act friendly.

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