Funny How the SF Mayor DIDN’T ask her own State for help

Posted: April 3, 2023 by datechguy in News/opinion
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I thought this story was an excellent example of cause and effect:

San Francisco is requesting assistance from the federal government due to an “unprecedented police staffing shortage” in the liberal California city.

Three years ago San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined Democrats across the nation and announced a plan to defund the police.

It backfired in every way imaginable and Breed eventually reversed the budget cuts but the damage was done.

The city is full of crime, filth, and open-air drug markets and Breed can’t solve the problem because the city is in the “midst of an unprecedented police staffing shortage.”

Local Police in SF, much like their counterparts in Seattle and Portland knew what was coming and many headed for the exits while the getting was good and now no level of funding is attracting the number of people needed to actually enforce laws, assuming they plan on allowing such a thing to happen.

I must admit my first reaction to the story looked a lot like this:

But then something hit me about the request, Why didn’t San Francisco ask for help from the STATE rather than the federal government?

After all the state has it’s own police force that could be deployed in SF at once. SF has a lot more representation on the state level and the use of state police and resources would mean more local control rather than oversight from 3000 miles away.

I don’t think the story is the whole “defund the police” business turning a city until an unlivable cesspool where people aren’t safe, the laws of human nature and cause and effect meant that was coming. The story is that she’s running to Joe Biden boys instead of Gavin Newsom’s crew.

So the question remains, why did she not check with Gavin Newsom or the state AG to see if they could provide relief for the state, either in terms of manpower or funding?


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