Deconstructionism is the Rosetta Stone for understanding the Political Left

Posted: April 6, 2023 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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Progressives here in the United States have been working tirelessly since the mid 1960s to tear down all of the institutions and philosophies that served as the bedrock of this nation.  They employed a philosophical wrecking ball that was based on the writings of Karl Marx, who firmly believed in tearing down and destroying all that was traditional, all that led to prosperity, or all that led to freedom for individuals.

That philosophical wrecking ball is known as deconstructionism.  It is the dismantling of all political philosophies that are built upon individualism, which is the polar opposite of the collectivism espoused by Karl Marx.

Deconstructionists first endeavored to destroy the fundamental truths that give reality its structure.  Marxists do not believe in objective truth.  They believe that all reality is malleable.   If reality is malleable then people are extremely malleable.

Next they worked at destroying language.  Words no longer have fixed meanings.  Only the meanings assigned by the reader, not the author have any value.  All words that progressives deemed offensive were erased under the banner of political correctness.

United States history drew the full wrath of  deconstructionists because this nation, which was the freest and most prosperous that ever existed for over 150 years, was built on a foundation of individual liberty.  Slavery, which was an evil practiced by every nation and culture at the time of America’s founding, became our Original Sin, a sin that erased all good that we ever accomplished.  A sin that only we bore any blame for.

Next up on the chopping block was science. All fundamental scientific truths were dismantled.   Climate change started as a pseudo science.  Now it is the de facto religion of the left.  Biological sex has been replaced by gender fluidity.

The political left has run amok with this deconstructionism unchecked for too many decades.  It is most likely too late to repair the damage. We surrendered the culture war to them and now we are paying a very hefty price.

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