RFK’s Hat in the Ring

Posted: April 6, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Ok I must confess I didn’t see this coming:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Democratic nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, declared his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president on Wednesday via filings with the Federal Election Commission.

The 69-year-old’s bid is considered a long shot in an effort to replace President Joe Biden in 2024. Kennedy Jr. is the second Democratic candidate to announce a bid for the White House. Author Marianne Williamson is also running in the Democratic race. Biden has not yet declared that he is seeking reelection.

Well the Dollar is collapsing as an international currency and Biden is as popular as a wart even among democrats and while Yahoo is loudly calling RFK and “anti-vaxxer” you will find there is a sizable amount of democrats not so keen on the whole “shots today, shots tomorrow shots forever” business. As Hotair notes:

No one, other than Fauci and the CDC, was a bigger vaccine nag than Joe Biden. It has only been recently that Biden has let up on talking about the vaccines every time he speaks. Even after evidence began emerging that the vaccines were not as effective as once thought, and sometimes downright dangerous to the health of some people, Biden and his administration continued to insist that everyone get the COVID-19 vaccine. People lost their jobs for not getting jabbed, including members of the military, and everyday Americans lost their ability to attend events if they couldn’t produce proof of receiving the vaccine. Our lives have never been the same. There is a lot of resentment in public opinion now over how the pandemic was handled so Kennedy will have some level of support built in.

I suspect there are plenty of dems in blue states who lost jobs over this who would be delighted to turn out for this along with some republicans who haven’t forgotten Trumps support of the vaccine.

There’s not enough old folks who still think “Camelot” for the Kennedy name to mean much but I suspect while the MSM laughs this off there will be a little bit of oomph there.

Anyways it will be fun to see how it works out.

  1. kerry says:

    I would be very tempted to vote in the Democrat primary for RFK if it meant keeping FJB out of the race entirely.