If the Choice is between Motivating the Left and Saving Kids or De-Motivating them and Letting Kids Get Slaughtered I’ll take the former Every Time.

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Look, If I’m going to hell, it’s not going to be over a peanut

Mother Angelica when told if she didn’t give a kickback her sisters would lose their peanut concession

I seem to be noticing a lot of articles like this one on Abortion and the electoral map.

They’ve been polling on abortion since forever, and the evolution of American attitudes toward the issue of abortion can be clearly tracked here and here. Lately, a significant shift in those polls has occurred and voters are now tilting decisively in favor of permitting abortion in most circumstances.

This shift has taken place after last spring’s Dobbs decision, which left abortion up to individual states. This suggests at least some abortion opinion was moved by many states making abortion illegal. Some women didn’t know what they had until it was gone.

America used to be a 50-50 nation on abortion. Not anymore.

Yeah who knew that women were dying for the right to kill their kids right up until the day they were born. That’s what we’re seeing getting passed in blue states all over.

Moran ends thus:

There is no substitute for that kind of motivation. And unless Republicans can come up with a dynamite solution to their abortion problem, they’re going to end up in the minority — perhaps permanently.

Well let me remind Mr. Moran and the GOP why a person whose first vote for President was for Walter Mondale. It was the very first CPAC back when it was in DC proper. I had interviewed a bunch of Tea Party types and bloggers ad thought it would be a cool thing to talk to Democrat about what they believe and why. During the interview they asked me why I became a republican and I was asked by them: Why did you want to be a republican.

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I suspect I’m not alone among people of faith who went to the GOP because they were no longer welcome with the Democrats as faithful Christians.

We voted this way and worked this way for a purpose. The purpose was to end the evils of abortion and the other cultural evils that have come from it.

These purposes, not the power of elected office is what this has been all about .Did the GOP drop anti-slavery because they lost in 1856? Did they drop anti slavery when there was pushback from the army and some of the populace over the Emancipation proclamation?

I’m sorry but the principle of not slaughtering kids in the womb is more important than polling from an individual election and it will remain so.

If the GOP doesn’t want to provide a home for the faithful, if power trumps principle and if the goal is not to advance our beliefs but to advance people careers then I wish them the best of luck.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. If the choice is between a pro-life democrats who actually means it and a pro-abortion republican whether they mean it or not, I’ll choose life every single time.

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