35 Years Ago Today Plus Tips 34 (Errands Together) and 35 (Let them Sleep) on how to stay Married 35 years UPDATE Links Fixed

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April 9th 1988

Since it is 35 years I suspect we should add two more tips to my 30 (33) tips to stay married 35 years.

30 (35) Tips to stay married 30 (35) years. Tip #34 Errands Together

Professor Henry Higgins: damn Damn Damn DAMN! I’ve grown accustomed to her face.

My Fair Lady

Life is full of errands. Sometimes little errands that are pains in the neck. Things you know should be done but you just can’t get motivated. If you see this with your spouse volunteer NOT to do the errand, but to come along.

The company turns the boring errand into a little outing, gives you a chance to talk and makes the errand easier. It become less about doing stuff you don’t feel like doing and about the time together. Plus you never know if your spouse might remember something you’ve forgotten.

Yes it seems like a little thing but those small little things add up to a lot of good years in the long run.

When one of you has to do errands, if the other one volunteers to come along.

30 (35) Tips to stay married 30 (35) years. Tip #35 Let them Sleep (Unless they’re a Bum)

Jesus Christ: [waking to see six children staring down at him] Couldn’t have waited half an hour eh?

The Chosen: Jesus loves the little children 2019

One of the things you tend to appreciate when you get older is a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep has a ton of health benefits and can make the rest of the day, even a tough day bearable.

There are times of course when you have to get up early. Appointments with a doctor, with a garage or going to work.

But if you’re spouse is asleep and is enjoying that sleep, let them keep sleeping. Even if they promised the night before to get up and make you your favorite breakfast. You can have breakfast any day but that sleep will make a huge difference in how the rest of the day together will go. And of course you could always have breakfast for lunch or supper. If Denny’s can do it so can you.

Of course if you’re spouse is a lazy bum, then go ahead and wake em but odds are if your spouse is a lazy bum you not going to be get anywhere near 35 of marriage anyways.

The tips so far

UPDATE Links pointing to the old defunct blog fixed.

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