Why is this anybody’s business?

Posted: April 12, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Ben Runson: This ain’t Michigan, it’s Gold country. Why hell It’s the Golden country. [Shouting] Untouched and uncontaminated by human hands! .It’s where people can someday look civilization straight n the eye and spit! And you don’t have to please anybody! And you don’t have to love your neighbor, you leave the bastard alone!

Paint Your Wagon 1969

Yesterday I saw this story concerning a woman banning the crucifix from her house including the one her mother wears.

Now the ban itself doesn’t surprise me since when a person is embracing mortal sin the last thing they generally want is to be reminded of Christ and the risks thereof. Furthermore even though I think it’s a really bad idea people have the basic right to make bad decisions, Her house, her rules it’s her prerogative to make and enforce any rules in her own house.

But as I was at work today it struck me. WHY THE **** am I even hearing about this story?

This isn’t someone in the public eye, this is apparently just a regular person who has an issue with the religion they were brought up with and making a decision (albeit a poor one) based on it. Yeah she put it on the net but cripes how did it go viral?

The fact that it went viral is more interesting than the actual news.

Now being VERY catholic I suspect it’s a matter of grace because there will likely be a lot of folks like me who pray for the family but seriously this is not a news story, it’s not a national story and I don’t see how it’s anybody’s business.

I think society would be a whole lot better off if we didn’t put so much effort in telling everybody our personal business and didn’t spend so much time worrying about other people business. Particularly people we’re never going to meet, never going to see and never going to have to deal with.

A lot of people need to get a life but the first step in doing so is to worry more about having a life then butting in on everyone else’s.

  1. dorsai123 says:

    instead of hiding their crazy and seeking help society has encouraged the crazies to embrace and celebrate their disease (see the tyranny craze) …