Covid Shot Committed: An Army of Ernst Jannings

Posted: May 2, 2023 by datechguy in culture, opinion/news
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I call these people “shot-committed”, a play on “pot-committed” in poker — a situation where you have too much money in the pot to fold, even if you know you’re behind.

Simulation Commander in comments:

I read this piece On Friendship With Self Righteous Cowards concerning those who still three years will not only not admit they were wrong about the COVID shots but still look down upon those who were right.

The piece was very good but the comments were where the action was to wit (all spelling retained):

Its sad. My pulmonary doctor brother in law has never reached out, Apologized or acknowledged anything…even after they required/demanded myself and my unvaxxed family take tests prior to our gathering for Christmas only for they themselves to all come down ill with covid that following February after their 3 plus shots. I honestly I dont ignore them…we pretend nothing happened but they are sort of dead to me now in a general sense…I feel nothing for them…ambivalent at best if only for the sake of my in laws and keeping the peace. They want us to visit but I can not bring myself to bother …plus it’s San Fran which is not real inviting either. They were willing to make our ailing in laws be alone for every holiday and then insisted on making us feel like dirty disease spreaders even when science and common sense contradicted this plainly and that in my opinion became clear very early family had covid in early 2021 prior to vax so our risk of spread was at par with vaxxed. They are both doctors as well….and my brother in law even pushed us to vax our healthy 16 year old who had already had covid. I can’t. They were supposed to be smart but I lost all respect for doctors and the medical community after this. I am a CPA and could follow the freaking logic better than them….totally blind to their own politically driven group think. Yeah I can’t really go back…the emperor has no clothes. (Reference to a childhood fairy-tale)

I’m reminded of the hoops that my wife had to jump through including at one point getting a job in another state turning a 15 min drive to work to a 45 minute drive over her request for a religious exemption before she was able to find a place that accepted her religious exemption just before a deadline that not only required the shot but required all boosters if you got the shot.

It reminded me of this commentator:

My un-jabbed son was banished from his NYC office in Dec 2021 by government decree because he was un-jabbed. He was exiled to New Jersey. When the jab mandate was lifted, his NYC office asked when he would return. He said “never” because he found NJ to be a better place to work – no mandate and a new group of co-workers who didn’t recoil when he entered a room. Walking away can be the best choice in matters of principle.

We were lucky in one sense, neither me nor my retired brothers, nor my sons got the shot. My wife and oldest son got religious exemptions and my youngest and I both worked places where it was not required. This created a social circle, furthermore while at my church the people I shared daily mass people were a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated the judgement that others faced it not surface.

But for others the denial is strong to wit:

Had this text exchange with friends last week. Context was RFJ Jr. being correct on Covid shots.

Friend: 10X more people would have died without the shots. Vaccines are the new modern science.

Me: Who here got the shot and still caught Covid?

Friend 2: Vax is not preventative. Purpose is to mitigate symptoms.

Friend: Shorten illness and contagion so less are exposed (with a link to Harvard article).

Friend: But anti-vaxxers only care about themselves not humanity.

Me (feeling like I was in a 2021 time warp): Remind me why we had vax mandates. It was to prevent us from killing Grandma. Fauci told us if we got the shot we would not catch it and not spread it.

Friend: False.

Me: Why did we have mandates then?

Friend: We did not have mandates.

Of course, he made the shot mandatory for his employees.

I was incredulous that after everyone in the group caught Covid, they still felt this way about the shot, including the fellow R in the group (Friend 2).

The real question to many is: Why don’t they just take the “L” and move on? I think Ruth :

I haven’t gotten an apology or even an ACKNOWLEDGMENT that the shots didn’t work. They still say it prevented you from having a bad case and dying🙄. I think it’s PRIDE. people cannot admit they were wrong because then they would have to face the fact the government (which they all trust) lied to them. And that would open up a entire can of worms that they cannot deal with. That’s a biggy, my government lies!😳

And the woman who replied to her

Yes, and admitting the government lied to you whilst simultaneously holding a worldview where total government control will bring about equity and utopia means letting go of said worldview = total psychic collapse. So you see, you’ll be waiting a long time for an apology.

have it down pat.

It’s like being in Germany after the war we’re all living in a revival of Judgement at Nuremburg:

Mrs. Bertholt: I saw Mr. Perkins today. He told me they’d showed those pictures in the courtroom. Col. Lawson’s favorite pictures. He drags them out at any pretext, doesn’t he? Col. Lawson’s private chamber of horrors. Is that what you think we are? Do you think we knew of those things? Do you think we wanted to murder women and children? Do you believe that? Do you?

Judge Dan Haywood: Mrs. Bertholt, I don’t know what to believe.

Mrs. Bertholt: Good God. We’re sitting here drinking. How could you think that we knew? We did not know. We did not know!

Judge Dan Haywood: As far as I can make out, no one in this country knew.

The moment they admit they were wrong is the moment they have to accept responsibility and see themselves in the light of truth. I’ll close with the closing exchange from Judgement at Nuremburg:

Ernst Janning: Judge Haywood… the reason I asked you to come: Those people, those millions of people… I never knew it would come to that. You *must* believe it, *You must* believe it!

Judge Dan Haywood: Herr Janning, it “came to that” the *first time* you sentenced a man to death you *knew* to be innocent.

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