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Why defend the backstabbers?

Posted: May 20, 2023 by navygrade36bureaucrat in race card

The day that Jordan Neely, my Google News search gave me a million articles about how crazy it is that a white man can literally kill a black man in cold blood and get away with it. Applying my normal rule of “Wait 72 hours till the truth comes out,” and low and behold, we get some facts:

  • Daniel Penny gets charged, but not the black or Hispanic men that helped him
  • Multiple eyewitnesses say Penny didn’t do anything until Neely threatened to kill people
  • The news media plays lots of clips of Jordan Neely doing Michael Jackson impressions
  • As always we get protests and people comparing Neely to George Floyd

If you want a good summary, watch the Actual Justice Warrior break it all down:

Likely Penny’s only crime was being white and making the mistake of thinking he should stop Jordan Neely from potentially killing someone. Anyone who has sat through a self-defense class knows that the first rule of self-defense is to get yourself out of the situation if you can, because things can go south quickly. It can take seconds to go from begging for food to stabbing someone to death, and given you can’t exit the subway, that would frighten any normal person.

Anymore though, I say abandon the cities that want to live like this.

Why bother defending others in these situations? I bet plenty of the people riding the subway voted for the current NYC mayor. Sure, they might testify on behalf of Penny, but I doubt it, since NYC has a track record of intimidating witnesses to make a case work. Penny defended a bunch of people that actively voted against his own interests, and those people will try to send him to jail. These people are backstabbers. They are happy to let Daniel Penny defend them while they vote for people that will punish and destroy Daniel Penny for taking those actions.

Sadly, that makes Penny more of a sucker. Anyone that is living in NYC and not either working to actively change it or leaving quickly is a sucker, because if the local government has become this tyrannical, you can’t put your head in the sand anymore.

This is why Virginians fought hard on the school board front. Many of us were happy to let the school board run without much oversight, until we realized just how bad it was. We pushed back, hard, and its changing for the better. Most of the time, local government does a good enough job that it’s just not worth the time and effort to root out the corruption that exists. When it gets to the point where the government will happily throw you in jail in a sham trial, then you either fight to change it or leave.

Daniel Penny should have never been on the subway, but since he was, he should have simply let Jordan Neely stab or injure someone first, since his first thoughts should have been “I’m a white guy trying to stop a black man, how is NYC going to view that?”

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Today is the draft for the 1971 League of Dynasty Baseball

I will be updating this post today during the formal draft and daily as the informal picks (24 hours to pick) take place. To those using this as a guide please allow me sufficient time to update all the files for this to be updated.

Alas my first round pick is in the possession of Washington who got it as part of the Frank Howard trade that got me one game shy of the playoffs but he certainly did his job, but today I pay the piper

Round 1

Pick NumberTeamRoundPlayerPostitonTeam on Card
1Montreal1Ken ForschPHouston
2LA (via Washington)1Lou BrockLFSt. Louis
3Los Angeles1Gary NolanPCincinnati
4California1Clay KirbyPPadres
5St. Louis1Lee May1BCincinnati
6Baltimore1Bill Melton3BChicago (A)
7New York (NL)1Craig Nettles3BCleveland
8Washington (from Milwaukee )1Mike Epstein1BOakland
9Oakland1Steve MingoriPCleveland
10Kansas City1Ken HendersonCFSan Francisco
11Atlanta1Roy WhiteOFNew York (A)
12Pittsburgh1Bill FreehancDetroit
13Cleveland1Gary Gentry PNew York (N)
15Boston1Don BufordOFBaltimore
15Minnesota1Leo CardenesSSMinnesota
16Chicago1Glenn Beckett2BCubs
17Kansas City (via Philadelphia )1Ted AbemathyPKansas City
18Cincinnati1Al KalineOFDetroit
19New York Yankees1Steve KlinePYankees
20LA (vis San Francisco1Maruy WillsSSLA

Round 2

Pick NumberTeamRoundPlayerPostitonTeam on Card
1Montreal2Jack BillinghamPHouston
2Washington 2Rich ReichhartOF Chicago (A)
3Los Angeles2Tito Fuentes2BSan Francisco
4California2Paul LimbadPWashington
5St. Louis2Aurelio Rodriguez3BCalifornia
6Baltimore2ElRod HendrickscBaltimore
7New York (NL)2Steve ArlinPSan Diego
8Milwaukee2Ron HuntInfMontreal
9Oakland2Dick DietzCSan Francisco
10Kansas City2Doug Rader3BHouston
11Atlanta2Dave GustiPPittsburgh
12Pittsburgh2Bud HarrilsonSSMets
13Cleveland2Milt PapasPChicago (N)
15Boston2Wes Parker1BDodgers
15Minnesota2Stan BahnhenPNew York (A)
16Chicago2Vada PinsonOFCleveland
17Royals (via Philadelphia)2Gene TennaceCOakland
18Cincinnati2Woody WoodwardssCincinnati
19New York Yankees2Derron Johnson1BPhiladelphia
20San Francisco2Tom BergmeierPKansas City

Round 3

Pick NumberTeamRoundPlayerPostitonTeam on Card
1Montreal3Frank LinzyPSt. Louis
2Washington 3Duke SimsCLos Angeles
3Los Angeles3Jerry MaycKansas City
4California3Jay JohnstoneCFChicago (A)
5St. Louis3Dave ConcepcionSSCincinnati
6Baltimore3David LeonhardPBaltimore
7New York (NL)3Skip LockwoodPMilwaukee
8Milwaukee3Jack HiattCHouston
9Oakland3John CumberlandPSan Francisco
10Kansas City3Enzo HernandezssSan Diego
11Atlanta3Chuck DobsonPOakland
12Pittsburgh3 Mickey Stanley OF Detroit
13Cleveland3Dave MayOFMilwaukee
15Boston3Ollie BrownOFSan Diego
15Minnesota3Rick MondayOFOakland
16Chicago3Ted UhlaenderofCleveland
17Philadelphia3Walt WilliamsOFChicago (A)
18Cincinnati3Bill Buckner1BLos Angeles
19KC (Via NYY)3Dave Cash2BPittsburgh
20San Francisco3Al Gallagher3BSan Francisco