Bud Light Limbo, How Low Can Sales Continue to Go?

Posted: May 9, 2023 by datechguy in culture
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Knight: You must choose, but choose wisely

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989

After some attempts to express the idea that:

  1. The Mulvaney Business wasn’t their idea
  2. They will be more careful to just talk beer in the future
  3. Murica!

without coming out and saying the words: We’re sorry to have f*****up and we won’t insult our customer base again, the good folks at Anheuser-Busch might have hoped this would reverse or slow the sales drop they have experienced so far:

It didn’t:

Bud Light sales continued to worsen for the week ended April 29, NielsenIQ data showed, amid controversy around the brand’s partnership with a transgender influencer.

The country’s No. 1-selling beer brand saw in-store sales of $71.6 million that week, off 23.4% from the same week in 2022.

How bad is it? This bad:

The company will provide “direct financial support” to workers, including delivery drivers, sales representatives, wholesalers and bar owners, Doukeris said.

Because apparently you can’t make a living selling Anheuser-Busch anymore in the US.

This means several things:

  1. This isn’t going to change until you get an explicit apology from Anheuser Busch
  2. The company is going to have to be willing to take the short term media hit when they do
  3. The salutary effects this is having on other companies thinking of going woke will continue
  4. The left will be desperate for a scalp to generate greater fear than this boycott has

In the end AB will have to choose between the gay bars in Chicago and the vast swath of beer drinkers, If their primary fear as individuals is dealing with angry leftists a permanent drop of 25% in sales might be acceptable. To a company actually interested in the bottom line it would be an easy choice.

The clock is ticking because if the decide to keep stalling eventually people will get used to their new choices in beer and the game will be over.

  1. harryvoyager says:

    Do we know a 23.4% decline is actually the bottom of it, or is it just the beginning?

  2. BLSinSC says:

    Why not just have all the LEFTISTS start drinking bud light (no longer capitalized due to LACK of respect)?? You’d THINK that there are WAY more leftists and gays than us Southern Red Neck EX-bud light drinkers by the way that companies cater to their “cause”!! This was just one more slap in the face than we were – WERE – willing to take so good bye bud light – was nice knowing you!