Joe Biden is planning on running the entire US economy with nothing but unicorn farts and pixie dust

Posted: May 18, 2023 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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Hardcore leftists such as Joe Biden and Barack Obama live in a fanciful universe that has less to do with reality than Dr. Seuss.  In the leftist fantasy land anthropomorphic climate change is real and the greatest threat to mankind.  The only option that could possibly stop this chimeral threat ts the transition of the entire energy production of the world from fossil fuels to wind and solar.  The most ludicrous belief that leftist hold is the belief that this insanity could possibly work.

Barack Obama began this madness with a war on coal fired power plants.  The Biden regime is taking this insanity to a whole new level by banning everything else: Biden wants to kill electric power from natural gas – American Thinker

The Supreme Court last summer blocked the Obama Clean Power Plan, which would have forced a generation-shift in electric power to renewables from coal. The Biden EPA’s plan would do that and more by other means that are also probably unconstitutional. … Section 111 of the Clean Air Act says the EPA can regulate pollutants from stationary sources through the “best system of emission reduction” that is “adequately demonstrated.” Yet the EPA wants to require that fossil-fuel plants adopt carbon capture and green hydrogen technologies that aren’t currently cost-effective or feasible, and may never be. Only one commercial-scale coal plant in the world uses carbon capture to reduce emissions, and no gas-fired plants do.

Biden’s EPA knows full well that it flouts the Clean Air Act by mandating that coal- and gas-fired plants adopt regulations based on technologies that are not, and may not ever become, “cost-effective or feasible.”  Clearly, the goal is to eliminate fossil fuel electric power generation:

The EPA has been stacking burdensome rules onto coal plants, including three others since March, with the goal of forcing them into premature retirement. … “By presenting all of those rules at the same time to the industry,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said last year, “the industry gets a chance to take a look at this suite of rules all at once and say, ‘Is it worth doubling down in investments in this current facility? Or should we look at that cost and say now it’s time to pivot and invest in a clean energy future?'”

This madness will completely destroy the economy of the United States.  Ayn Rand wrote a couple of fantastic books where the collectivists employed plans just like this latest nonsense announced by our senile faux president.  The novels are Atlas Shrugged an Anthem.

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