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…then the tea party movement can be proud that Bertha Lewis referred to the movement as a “bowel movement

…while proudly declaring herself a socialist. You can at least give her credit for the courage of her convictions, if not her good sense.

If you are a person who attended a tea party be proud. If the head of Acorn feels you are dangerous enough to insult in that way then you are effective and if the head of an organization as corrupt as Acorn hates you then you are on the side of angels.

Lets play a game, who wants to call their local congressman and get a comment on that statement by the head of Acorn? You can leave what they answer as a comment on the blog. Let’s see who has the courage of their convictions.

Update: No wonder Bertha has her dander up, As Michelle Malkin Tweets and Human Events reports they were cut from the government teet again today. How can a socialist survive without other people’s money? At least when I need cash from strangers I ask for it.

I haven’t checked out Charles’ site in a long while but I was interested in seeing what the new convert (great timing btw) to Al Gore’s Global Warming religion thought of the e-mails, he obeying the voices in his head says it is all a conspiracy to derail Copenhagen.

Even funnier he is still flogging his attacks on Robert Stacy, and continues the “canard by association” attempting to taint others, in this case, Hanna Giles and James O’Keefe who are the godparents of the Acorn revelations.

This is the same thing he tried in terms of association with Sarah Palin to attack her book.

I wonder how that has worked out? Oh I know:

Sarah Palin appears well on her way to becoming a million-selling author.

“Going Rogue” sold 700,000 copies — a number that includes pre-orders — in its first week of release, according to a publishing official close to the former Alaska governor. The official was not authorized to release the sales figure and asked not to be identified.

Based on his success rate It’s a shame I don’t have a picture with Robert Stacy, if I can get Charles to attack me with one my interview success tomorrow is assured!

Mike Allen in Politico is saying this is foolish and a suicide mission but Joe is defending Hoffman and is pushing Hoffman over Dede. They even mentioned ACORN!

Allen is talking up Gingrich and Joe is slapping him down pointing out that the NRCC and Newt went after conservatives in 14. I didn’t know this. This is HUGE.

Of course they were able to lump Palin in with Thompson and Pawlenty so she would not have been the one in front.

When Pat is on I expect to hear more.

The worm has turned!

Hoffman has broken through the MSM this is big. The question is: Was I wrong about the MSN or did the Beck story and the Thompson ad force their hand, OR is the Beck 3rd party thing pushing it to show the 3rd party stuff.

Vote Hoffman

BTW all my Hoffman stuff is here

Update: Newsbusters enjoys Politico’s discomfort.

…now logically you would think that either Politico would say something in the 6 a.m. hour because of the republican “divide” or a guest would bring it up to say how the party is having issues.

Nope still not a word. Why not?

If all of the “pundits” are right about it hurting republicans SOMEONE would mention it particularly on MSNBC, but nope.

Of course any publicity would highlight the need for the party to go in the Palin direction or would give Hoffman publicity, however aren’t the same media insisting that he can’t win?

This continues to support my thesis concerning this race, that even though some think Palin might hurt Hoffman the national media doesn’t believe it.

the Hoffman campaign is looking for foot soldiers, cluebat for all, moderates aren’t excited enough about anything for stuff like that. It’s the Tea Party people that make a difference. Hey NRCC will you be wanting excited people voting for you in 2010 or no?

Vote Hoffman.

I’m thinking it’s the Acorn connection that is helping to keep them away.

Update 2: If you still don’t believe me consider this: For the last 7 min they talked NY politics on Morning Joe. They talked about the governors race, they talked about the senate race, they brought up the mayors race. The only race they didn’t mention is the one that is actually going on; NY-23. There is no way this is a coincidence!