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…hasn’t proved all that successful suggesting (so far) that I’m not worth even 1% of the old Andrew Sullivan. (feel free to prove that wrong by hitting DaTipJar.)

Only you can set the relative value

However from this post at Glenn’s it seems clear that Andrew Sullivan isn’t worth half as much as the old Andrew Sullivan either.

By “soon realizes,” Andrew means I linked to Baker in the same post — not even in an update. But Baker doesn’t actually say there’s no US kill switch. Baker thinks a US kill switch is a good idea, in response to threats from other countries.

My favorite part (and likely Peg, and Stacy’s, and Pam Geller’s…) is this finish:

As for the large numbers of readers who always email that I shouldn’t respond to Andrew’s trolling, well, I usually don’t. But every once in a while it’s worth noting just how sadly he’s declined. And, as is done with regard to a certain other attention-seeking blogger he’s coming to resemble

He must be talking about a certain little green blogger that Glenn hasn’t instalanched in a very long time. Perhaps this comment I wrote about Johnson applies to Sullivan too:

Also consider that an instalanche means other blogs will pick up your posts in reference. Imaginable the cumulative effect of this happening every two weeks for 8 years. It is mind boggling!…

…and then it suddenly stops!

On a more serious note, I think Sullivan has decided that he has grown a bit more MSNBCish and is writing to his Chris Matthews show niche market audience. In terms of a job, it makes sense and will keep his bills paid. As a person who is beginning to struggle to pay his, may I never reach that point.

Granted I haven’t given it a lot of attention lately but it is still on and if you would like to help it advance simply hit DaTipJar here.

Even if I don’t approach Sullivan, every dollar helps keep the lights on and the mortgage paid.

As you know I’m still in my Am I worth half as much as Andrew Sullivan fundraiser. It has 7 weeks to go and it has gotten off to a slow start (thanks to all who have kicked in BTW).

As important as that is to me we are going to suspend it for a day for the Christine O’Donnell Money Bomb

It’s important to have conservative blogs, but to make change you have to have the actual candidates. Christine is the real thing, so if today you were thinking of hitting DaTipJar I suggest it might be a better time to hit her Money Bomb.

I can manage for a day.

So I’m happy to Join Robert Stacy and promote this Money Bomb, lets drive Tina Brown even more Nuts over Republican women

Oh and use this link to get to her site. The first google result will take you to a phony site attacking her after all if you actually see the candidate you might like her and the left and the rinos can’t have that can they?

We come to day 9 in the Am I worth half as much as Andrew Sullivan and why you should support it. Today the reason is for Conservatives and that reason is Conservative voices.

With the MSM and the strong web presence of liberal voices it is vital to have conservative voices to counter them, particularly in a state like Massachusetts where the worm is finally starting to turn.

If you are going to persuade people you have to have someone willing to make the case. I have been willing to be one of those someones in this state doing so.

So if you want to support such a voice then considering hitting DaTipJar and keep this voice alive.