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Susanna Fleetwood has a great collection of photos from CPAC. Here is my collection of Fedoras from CPAC:

Warner Todd Huston and Victoria Jackson

Ok that hat isn’t mine but its better than any I own

12 Days and counting

Posted: November 8, 2010 by datechguy in DaTechGuy on DaRadio
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The Axis of Fedora is coming to WCRN

Yes it’s true…

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…you don’t have to go far on the internet to find one of my hats on a young lady’s head.

And speaking of this young lady’s head it is definitely screwed on right because she tells us this:

Bob (Belvedere) makes the great point that we don’t just need to mathematically get more votes than the Democrats; we need to win by enough so that they can’t steal elections from us. (If you heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the 2000 election, just consider that it was the frustration of Democrats who were dying to steal that election and were furious – furious! – that the rule of law intervened.)

Now, just a thought: beyond campaigning our butts off for the next 26 days, why don’t we all be poll-watchers on Election Day? Candidates have a legal right to send representatives to examine the ballot boxes before polling commences (ensuring that the boxes are empty and set to zero) and check each voter against a list of registered voters. It’s easy, low-key, and very helpful to both candidates and the integrity of the system.

Lyndon Johnson used to say if you do everything you will win. Now he was referring to tactics beyond the legal but the principle is correct, the moment you relax that’s when the race can be lost, and if we blow this chance it will be our own fault.

“Now, Master, you may let your servant go in peace, according to your word,”

Simeon 4 BC ..Luke 2:29

@Alyssa_Milano OMG! OMG! OMG!

Robert Stacy McCain Twitter approx 1 a.m. 9/29/2010

My congratulations to Stacy for not only for achieving the Milano Tweet, but the follow-up.

I will not presume to re-print those tweets, I’ll leave that to Robert Stacy’s site for you to see them as he deserves.

He has been seeking this retweet since last October, coincidentally that is when I first talked to him on the phone. What has changed since last October that has finally resulted in the success of his quest? Do you really have to ask?

The missing ingredient for the Milano Retweet

Behold the power of the Axis of Fedora!