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…Stacy’s attempt to snarf Perez Hilton’s “Naked Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo” googlebomb or even latch onto his attempt to get traffic from the “Britney Spears naked upskirt” post either, but there is an actual legitimate point to be made here to wit:

Would any girl wearing a short skirt get out of a car that way? Especially a very famous girl who knows that every move she makes in public is being photographed by 50 paparazzi? And especially if she was only 17 and not wearing panties?

Take a look at that phrase, lets apply that to something else.

Explain to me again how (assuming that the photo is not a fake) how it is possible that we have this (or the Britney Spears photo) but we don’t have any video of the supposed Tea Party/Black Caucus Nancy Pelosi “incident”? Oh I forgot, according to Jon Meacham the lack of evidence doesn’t matter

I wonder how much interest Andrew Breitbart has earned on that 100k since March?