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If you are a person 35 our younger all of your memories of the New England Patriots are likely memories of victory and Dominance thanks to the greatest sixth round draft pick ever made and the most important hit in the history of the NFL which combined gave you 20 years of Tom Brady. So given the potential of Aaron Rogers going to the Jets the shock of the Patriots being the worst team in their division is hitting many fans hard.

However if you are 60ish or older you remember a time when the Patriots were the worst team in New England (including the Whalers) so all of this brings us back to the days of our youth.

Given the state of the country these days perhaps it will be cathartic for us to have something to complain about.

The RedSox who used to rule the roots in New England but the last few years have seen their star fade as their stars leave.

One of the those starts Xander Bogarts is currently playing in the World Baseball Classic for the Dutch and has led their team to upset victories against both Panama and Cuba, CUBA

If only Boston could get players like that.

The Boston Celtics broke a 3 game losing streak yesterday they currently sit in 2nd place in the East right behind Milwaukee. The Celtics are still the favorite to go to the finals but while they are clearly the most talented team in the East there are at least four teams in the East capable of winning a seven game series against them.

Most importantly not a one of those teams are afraid of them.

I’ve never seen so powerful a team produce so little shock and awe among their rivals.

While the Celtics are not scaring anybody the Boston Bruins are riding roughshod over the entire NHL with an insane .831 winning percentage losing only 8 game out of 62 played.

While there still a long ways away from the record of 132 points set by the 76-77 Canadians who only lost 8 games the entire season they have exceeded every expectation that anybody had for this team at the start of the season.

If they roll though the playoffs at anywhere near the rate they will become the top dog in town really fast, particularly if the Celtics stumble.

Finally our face to face Dynasty Baseball league is winding down and my magic number for the final playoff spot is 1 with six games to go.

Just a few months ago I ruled the roost but a 10 game losing streak dropped me to the bottom of the standings.

In our 1957 League my Brooklyn dodgers are chasing the Braves and the Cardinals and we’re gearing up for the expansion draft with two teams (Cubs and Twins) joining for our 1971 league we’re just waiting for Dynasty to finalize the release online.

My team seems to be pitching heavy this season so to take advantage of that situation I am finally making the move to Milwaukee that I held off on for 1970 while my Pilots tried to repeat.

Given the teams in the league I likely don’t have a chance but it will still be a fun season.

Yesterday the talk of Boston Sports Radio was the Bruins signing of Mitchel Miller who was apparently quite an ass as a youth when he was 14.

The thing that really clinched the anger was the sudden “apology” just before the signing and the fellow insisting it had nothing to do with Hockey, which confirms he’s still an ass.

The whole principle of a juvenile court system is so people aren’t punished as adults for things they did as kids but re is a reason why we have a juvenile court system on the other hand you also want to provide an incentive for folks to avoid this kind of thing in the future so here is what I’d do.

He wants to play in the NHL fine, 5% of his contract should go to the kid in question and since he waited six years to apologize, that 5% should continue for the first six years of his career. And since the Bruins decided to make the signing let them match that 5% as well.

You can’t make a person virtuous who is not but you can provide incentives to make virtue less expensive than vice. I guarantee if a young jock figures this kind of thing will cost him real money it will at best stop cold or at worst produce the required contrition without a six years wait.

Kyrie Irving has been suspended five games for tweeting out a link to an Holocaust denying documentary.

Given the left’s embrace of this kind of thing and the NBA’s embrace of the left it’s almost a shock Brooklyn punished him even if the team does reside in one of the most Jewish sections of the nation.

The NBA itself has decided to leave him alone and leave things to the Nets. After all as far as the NBA is concerned he didn’t do something really horrible in their eyes, like hitting China for slave labor etc. If he had Irving would have gone the way of Enes Kanter Freedom and not see the inside of an NBA court again. Irving cost him embarrassment, Kanter cost them money.

One more thought. The idea that Kyrie actually might have bought the idea that the black race are the actual tribes of Israel is no surprise to me. It’s been 25 years since Mary Lefkowitz warned us about this stuff in Not Out Of Africa: How “”Afrocentrism”” Became An Excuse To Teach Myth As History With 25 years of this going on since the release of this book without any pushback the wonder is that it isn’t more prevalent.

Boston sports radio is all over the place on the New England Patriots. Nobody seems sure about anything except that they’re not good enough to beat Buffalo. Here is their remaining schedule:

  • vs Colts
  • vs Jets
  • at Vikings
  • vs Bills
  • at Cardinals
  • at Raiders
  • vs Bengals
  • vs Dolphins
  • at Bills

With the exception of the Bills there is not a team on the list they aren’t capable of beating nor any time not capable of clearing their clock. Given the parity in the league, the quality of their roster and the uneven play of everyone. I’d not be surprised to see them finish anywhere from 11-6 to 4-13.

It’s bad for the nerves but good if you want some mystery in how a game will go.

There has been a lot of fuss about the fact that there are no American born black players on either roster in the World Series this year. This is being pushed as a stain to baseball, but frankly it’s not a stain in terms of racism but a stain in terms of marketing.

Part of it is cost you can play football or basketball with a single ball and a small group, but you need at least 10 or 12 for baseball, plus bats gloves but more importantly both the NFL and the NBA have done a much better job of marketing of both marketing its stars, both in general and to the black community in particular. Meanwhile the Latino stars from central and south America are huge in their countries and within the communities.

Personally I think it’s crazy. MLB besides being a better game has guaranteed contracts, less physical punishment in terms of contact and the potential for a longer career if you can’t sell that and the players to kids dying to become athletes then you need another career.

A great example of this lack of marketing is the current world series. It’s been a great playoffs and a spectacular series but game four illustrated exactly why.

The Astros put together five runs in the fifth to give them a 5-0 lead in a game they desperately needed to win. Meanwhile Christian Javier pitched six no hit innings, and then was pulled with a five run lead.

Now I understand priority one is to win the game and the Phillies have a history of coming back. But there is no reason why the Astros could not have had Javier pitching in what is likely his final start of the year and a five run lead could not have come out for the 7th with Bryan Abreu ready in the pen if he gave up a hit.

There is a reason why Don Larson is remembered 66 years after his perfect game in the 1956 World series, but I had to look up who the starter was to see who pitched in the Astros no hitter.

Personally I think MLB should fire their entire PR staff of the league and start again.

Bruins 2010, in NY they must be smiling

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In C. S. Forester’s second novel Ship of the Line there is a passage where Hornblower presses 80 men from for East India Company ships in violation of law. When the pressed men are mustered on the deck the crew of the Sutherland, many of the pressed men themselves, grin at someone else meeting what fate had thrown at them.

Last night the Philadelphia Flyers completed a most improbable comeback not only from being down 3 games to none, but the Bruins led 3-0 in the first period and Philly scored 4 unanswered goals to win the game and the day.

In Boston there is scorn:

Only the Bruins could lose a 3-0 lead twice in the same series.

Only the Bruins could lose a Game 7 on a power-play goal after getting called for too many men on the ice.

In Philly there is happiness but caution:

Defenseman Chris Pronger said that the Flyers were proud to overcome a 3-0 series deficit, but that they were still on a mission.

“It’s great to be a part of history, but we’re eight wins away from where we want to be,” he said.

In the comments page of the New York Daily News came this edited for property:

Officially worse than the Yankees in 2004! Hahahahahahahaha!

Lucky for me I don’t really follow hockey. Now if it was the Red Sox…

You know in the last 5 years (you can really go back 8 with the Patriots) these have been golden years in Boston Sports. Yesterday was a great example of it: The Celtics win in the 4th:

They couldn’t make it all the way back in game 1, but they pulled it off this time.

The Celtics played very, very poorly in the first 3 quarters and I kept waiting for the Magic to put the game away, but they simply didn’t do it. The teams were trading baskets in the early 4th quarter with the Magic leading by double digits and they couldn’t close the deal.

Never, ever, ever, ever count this team out.

Celtics win.

The Red Sox win in the 9th

The news came minutes before game time. Kevin Youkilis not only would not be in the Red Sox’ lineup (left oblique injury), he was going on the 15-day disabled list. Dustin Pedroia (groin) also would be out of this one, leaving the Boston batting order weakened, despite the season-long heroics of the fill-in cleanup hitter, Jason Bay.

But that lineup got the job done in a 4-3 comeback win against the Angels, and the winning run in the ninth inning wasn’t produced by the most likely suspect. J.D. Drew began the ninth with a single to left field off Scot Shields, and one out later catcher Jason Varitek, now hitting .239, blasted a gap double to right-center. Drew scored from first base, third base coach DeMarlo Hale windmilling him in.

So the night that began with bad news ended well when Jonathan Papelbon converted his ninth straight save this season in front of 33,493 at Angel Stadium.

and the Bruins win in the 1st and force a 7th game:

Somewhere along their trip from Carolina to Boston for Game 5, the Boston Bruins found the motivation to turn this series on its head. They had been getting dominated on the scoreboard and on the ice for three straight games, outscored 10-3 during that time. They were outworked and looking like they had rolled over, ready to start their summer.

In Game 5, the Bruins turned the tables and dominated the Hurricanes. Tuesday’s Game 6, was more of the same, as a 4-2 victory by the Bruins has forced a Game 7 on Thursday in Boston, where the Bruins are 4-1 during these playoffs.

On Thursday all three will be playing again. A lot of sports bars in the area are making up for very hard time thanks to the last few weeks.

There has never been such a time in Boston since the period of Celtics dominance that included the impossible dream and the Bruins last Stanley cup win.