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David Ignatius took less that 48 hours after the new republican congress to be in office to lead with this headline:

Is Darrell Issa the new Joe McCarthy?

The meat of the article is even worse:

When you see the righteous gleam in Issa’s eye, recall other zealous congressional investigators who claimed to be doing the public’s business but ended up pursuing vendettas. I think of Robert F. Kennedy’s ruthless pursuit of labor “racketeering” when he was chief counsel of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. And, more chilling, I think of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s use of that subcommittee to probe what he imagined was Communist Party subversion in America.

I don’t think the POST PARTISAN column needs to be renamed. I just think it needs to have punctuation added. Name it. POST: PARTISAN! At least that would be accurate.