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Mark Helprin Redux on DADT

Posted: November 9, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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In case anybody forgot. From Jan 2007 to Jan 2011 The democratic party held both houses of congress.

From Jan 2009 a democratic president was in the White House.

During all of this time democrats had the ability to repeal DADT…

…they did not.

Now with less than 60 days to go in their majority, budgets and key items to pass the NYT is whining:

Prospects for Congress to authorize repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy face new uncertainties as time runs out for the Senate to act and strong objections remain among Republicans and the most senior ranks of the military.

What a crock. I expect the liberal media to spend the next two years beating their breasts over this.

Update: In case you don’t get the reference let me quote Mr. Helprin from Aug 2000:

If George W. Bush becomes president, the armies of the homeless, hundreds of thousands strong, will once again be used to illustrate the opposition’s arguments about welfare, the economy, and taxation.

Now that you mention it I haven’t seen many stories on the Homeless. I suspect after Jan 3rd that might change slightly.

and BTW my own opinion on DADT is here.

You choose to enter a military academy knowing what the rule was and now you’ve decided that you are going out, or should I say coming out in style.

While at the academy, I have made a deliberate effort to develop myself academically, physically, and militarily, but in terms of holistic personal growth I have reached a plateau. I am unwilling to suppress an entire portion of my identity any longer because it has taken a significant personal, mental, and social toll on me and detrimentally affected my professional development.

Was Yale not good enough for you before or did you need a cause celeb to make sure you got in young lady?

If you wanted to serve the public could you not have entered a police academy after college? #9 in your class makes it even worse, it means that you should have known better.

As I’ve said before I’m for whatever makes the military stronger so on the underlying issue I don’t really care one way or the other as long as you can show that one way or the other is a net gain for the service, but this issue has been in play your entire life don’t start whining that you don’t want to play by the rules.

Go to Yale, I’m sure you’ll do well. Have a great life, but don’t go crying to the world because the military continues to follow the orders given by a democratic president and passed by a democratic congress and still maintained by another democratic congress. A military particularly one subordinate to civilian control, follows orders If you can’t follow lawful orders then do something else.

Then again I might be a little hard on you, you’re just a kid and was likely very full of yourself. If you thought you could hack it but can’t, hey it happens. I’ll pray for you and encourage others to do the same.

Memeorandum thread here.

…who was so vocal in her denunciation of don’t ask don’t tell, but apparently chooses not to tell and apparently wishes we wouldn’t ask?

…that this administration is exactly what they accused the Bush Administration of being?

The groups were protesting don’t ask don’t tell (I’ve given my opinion on it here) but if they haven’t figured out that President Obama used them for suckers then they haven’t figured out anything.

The idea that an administration would close a public park to the public and the press to keep video off the air of a protest is disgraceful and disgusting. As a citizen I am shocked.

More importantly I’m not seeing this reported on Morning Joe today. If the media is not willing to report on this and call it the travesty it is then you’d better send me that $800 a week plus travel because you will need someone who will.

Forgetting the fact that the democratic majority could have repealed Don’t ask don’t tell from 2006 on. How do people justify supporting someone who does this? Do they have so much invested in him that they don’t care call him on it? Or is it like a cult when you have to actually have a personal shock so great that you can be pulled from it?

Via Sissy Willis who was a great addition to my follower list on twitter.

Exit question: If this president is willing to do this publicly what is he doing privately to suppress dissent?

Update: Just a reminder: “Let Him Speak”

Quite a contrast.

Update: Another Instalanche, Glenn is spoiling me, thanks for stopping by. The anchoress was kind enough to point me to a couple of other videos showing how President Bush handled heckling. And one of Bill Clinton too, yet she didn’t link to herself. She deserves a visit just for that. As a matter of fact instead of promoting my blog on this one Let me point you to a few places that you should try. The Lonely conservative, Little Miss Attila, The Camp of the Saints (Particularly if you like cheesecake), The Reaganite Republican, Cynthia Yockey, No Sheeples here (particularly if you like photoshops), Adrienne’s Corner, The American Glob, Barbara Espiinosa, Peg who did a noble deed for my sake, and of course my friend Robert Stacy McCain.