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…guess which one?

The Memeorandum thread is here.

I’ll give you a hint: Rush Limbaugh is an honorary member of his site and he publishes Color of Change press releases as fact.

Update: BOOM! Thunderstorm killed net for a moment in mid save.

and actually puts out the McChrystal stuff in full and in context:

As with the leak of McChrystal’s report, observers would do well to exhibit a bit more skepticism and ask a few more questions, chief among them being “Who benefits from these leaks and ugly insinuations?” Clearly it’s not McChrystal: the media are calling for his head on a platter. He’s being treated every bit as badly as David Petraeus was during the Surge, but for the opposite reason: where Petraeus was called a coward and traitor for not speaking truthiness to the American people, McChrystal is being told he has no business speaking truth in public. The real irony here is that neither man did what he was accused of but the Left attacked these men anyway for failing to support their preferred narrative.

Any source who chooses to spread paranoid, unsubstantiated, third hand rumors about what McChrystal or Obama are rumored to have said when transcripts of the General’s speech and Q&A session are easily available should be dismissed out of hand.

The ratings seem to suggest that this is taking place. That would also explain the FCC’s move. Jeff Jarvis is worried:

And there is the greatest myth embedded within the FTC’s rules: that the government can and should sanitize the internet for our protection. The internet is the world and the world is messy and I don’t want anyone – not the government, not a newspaper editor – to clean it up for me, for I fear what will go out in the garbage: namely, my rights.

What I now truly dread is that the FTC is holding hearings about journalism on Dec. 1 and 2. As Star-Ledger editor Jim Willse (full disclosure: he hired me a few times) said in my Guardian podcast last month (full disclosure: I work for the Guardian): the words, “we’re from the government, we’re here to help,” should be met with trepidation.

Hey nothing to worry about, just because these guys admire Chavez it doesn’t mean we will see stuff like this.