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The GOP may be the enemy but the Flemish Menace continues to plot:

A Virginia man has been arrested for allegedly trying to help Al Qaeda plan multiple bombings around the nation’s capital, according to U.S. officials.

Farooque Ahmed, 34, of Ashburn, Va., was arrested today by the FBI and charged with providing material support to terrorists and collecting information for a terrorist attack.

Farooque Ahmed? HA we know his real name is: Dirk Jenkin Cornelis Niclays Van Dyke, yet another radical lee-lander and nothing at all to do with Al Qaeda or Islam which we all know is actually a religion of peace

They can’t fool us.

Jihad? Moi?

Posted: October 26, 2010 by datechguy in war
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It looks like yet another member of the Religion of Peace The Flemish Menace has discovered a way to attack the US:

A New York-born man tried to join U.S. forces so he could desert and “wage war” against them for the Taliban or other radical groups abroad, according to the FBI.

Abdel Hamdeed Shehadeh, 21, who now lives in Hawaii, has been charged with lying to federal agents by denying that he wanted to do fighting against the U.S. military, NBC News reported.

Well yeah Abdel Hamdeed Shehadeh may SOUND Islamic but dig deep enough and I’ll bet you will find his real name is Jooris Cornelis Gheeraert de Thoseyn or something.

And did you know that Jihad is actually a Flemish term? Nothing at all to do with anything remotely Islamic.

So don’t let people fool you. There is no such thing as radical Islam, it’s the Flemish menace I tell you!

Your guide to the Flemish Menace!

After all this post doesn’t sound like any kind of a Joke. Does it?

The Flemish menace foiled again…

Posted: January 26, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, war
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…as what appears to be a terrorist attack waiting to happen is stopped!

Somerset County investigators seized a cache of weapons including a grenade launcher and hundreds of rounds of ammunition today from the Branchburg motel room of a Virginia man, who also had maps of a U.S. military facility and an out-of-state civilian community.

As the police are asking for help if anyone has any information it’s our duty to remind people how to spot the Flemish menace if it comes to your town!

Your guide to the Flemish Menace!

And don’t left blogs like Riehl or Atlas distract you with this line:

Investigators also found Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress, Forrest said.

…that’s a red herring to throw us off the track. After all the media or government wouldn’t ignore a mid-east or islamic connection if it existed, would they?

…and don’t let that name fool you:

A 27-year-old Massachusetts man has been charged with conspiring with others to carry out terror attacks against shoppers in U.S. malls and against U.S. military in Iraq.

Authorities in Boston say Tarek Mehanna (TEH’-rek meh-HAH’-nah) of Sudbury sought training in terrorist training camps and worked with others from 2001 to May 2008 on the conspiracy to “kill, kidnap, maim or injure” people in foreign countries and to kill prominent U.S. politicians.

Federal prosecutors say Mehanna and his conspirators tried to get automatic weapons for a mall attack, but their plans were foiled when they could not get the weapons.

We can expect him to claim to be an idolized version of the compete Renaissance man any minute now.

Remember know the Flemish menace and save a life!

Update: HotAir somehow misses the Flemish connection!