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I am absolutely outraged by Trudeau’s despicable crackdown on the peaceful freedom trucker’s protest.  What I saw unfold reminded me quite forcefully of incidents that are far too common is totalitarian regimes.  That sort of nonsense has become all too common place the past two years. 

Far too many national leaders have demonstrated similar totalitarian tendencies.  Hundreds of millions have had their most basic rights stripped away in the name of fighting a virus with a greater than 99.7 percent survival rate.  Power hungry politicians have seized on this pandemic as the perfect opportunity to amass total control over their populations.

Trudeau’s seizure of the bank accounts of anyone associated with the freedom convoy, the mass arrest of peaceful protestors, and the trampling of peaceful protesters by police horses is most shocking to us here in the United States because Canada appears to be a country very much like the United States.

As similar as Canada appears to be to the United States, it is lacking one key ingredient, our Constitution, with its Bill of Rights.  Canada’s Constitution is only a shabby copy with a very week Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  It is week because it can be so easily tossed aside by a sniveling coward of a Prime Minister who is faced with a peaceful mass protest.

Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms normally does offer some protection for the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully protest.  It is similar to our Bill of Rights.  However, our Bill of Rights cannot ever be set aside, even during an emergency.  A lot of politicians here would be shocked to learn that fundamental truth.  Our Bill of Rights is the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic. 

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not held in such high regard in Canada.  The majority of Canadians have no trouble with Trudeau’s despicable actions.  In the US only a majority of Democrats are cheering him along

Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is missing one absolutely crucial right, the right to bear arms.  If Canada had a Second Amendment, Trudeau would not have been able to crush the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa.  Thanks to the Second Amendment it is impossible for an American president to crush a similar protest here.  Our Second Amendment makes it impossible for politicians to strip away our most fundamental rights,  That is why democrats have been trying to do away with the Second Amendment for decades.

With the panic they have caused over this pandemic, Democrat politicians have been far too successful at manipulating the people of their party into surrendering their most important rights.  Recent polls have shown that independents, and even some of the ordinary members of the Democrat party are getting tired of  Covid restrictions.  That is why the restrictions are being lifted in Democrat controlled States ahead of the Midterms.

It the Democrats here still honored the Bill of Rights, and far more Democrats embraced the Second Amendment, none of the restrictions imposed by Democrats would have been possible

Being the first to connect Trudeau with the word truck, as in the not so polite version of “Let’s Go Brandon,” is another thing I cannot claim credit for.  I first encountered it in this photo, taken by an unknown photographer, which I saw on Facebook.

For more than twenty months I’ve been waiting for organized resistance to all of the Covid tyranny to begin in earnest.  As each month has gone by without widespread revolt I’ve been getting more and more agitated and disheartened.  Because the United States has always been the land of the free, I expected that the people here would have put an end to all of this tyrannical nonsense well over a year ago. 

I got my hopes up too many times, as it appeared that all of these mandates, passports, and lockdowns would all be swept away by an orgy of mass protest, that appeared to be igniting, only to see the flames sputter out.

Finally there appears to be a mass movement, camped out in Ottawa, that could bring an end to the totalitarian nightmare in Canada. 

So far the Canadian Government has not backed down. They are actually considering imposing new mandates.   Trudeau has demonstrated tremendous courage during the mass protest by fleeing to an unknown location.

The protests have been peaceful.  Yet that has not prevented the chief of the Ottawa police from threatening them.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly told reporters on Monday that “all options are on the table,” including “enforcement,” to end an ongoing protest led by truckers in the Canadian capital against the country’s onerous anti-coronavirus mandates that Sloly himself admitted had led to no injuries or violence.

These convoys are spreading.  One is planned for Australia, one for the United States, and several in Europe.  Gould this finally be the end of our totalitarian nightmare?