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Following up on his first rate post on Howard Zinn this weekend Stacy puts up a new article at the American Spectator:

Revelation of Zinn’s support for Stalinism is unlikely to affect his standing with liberals, whose main response to the FBI disclosures was to express shock that an official of Boston University tried to get Zinn fired in 1970. Zinn’s liberal admirers obviously share his anti-American perspective, in which the FBI poses a greater danger than any foreign enemy. It was that view Zinn meant to express when, in 1986, he condemned the U.S. bombing of Libya in response to a Libyan-sponsored terrorist attack in West Berlin. “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people for a purpose which is unattainable,” Zinn wrote.

That such a condemnation could be applied more truthfully to Zinn’s communist heroes, who slaughtered millions of innocents in pursuit of an unattainable socialist paradise, is an irony the professor apparently never contemplated.

This is uncharitable of me but I suspect he did contemplate it and brushed it aside as all fans of totalitarianism do. What are mere lives when compared to the cause? The irony that he did this from the safety of America where he was free to make a living off of his support for our foes is not lost on me.

Those who promote his views have much to answer for.

What do this headline:

FBI Files Reveal Historian Howard Zinn Lied to Hide CPUSA Membership

and this one

So Clarkson was right: Sight of a scantily-clad woman drives men to distraction (… and off the road)

have in common? (more…)

Tim Kaine is complementing Obama profusely but Barnicle and Mika are both saying its all talk and even Katrina vanden Heuvel isn’t going much for the talk.

Katrina gives tribute to Howard Zinn who died yesterday. They say if you can’t say something good about a person who has just died you should say nothing at all.

I have nothing to say about Howard Zinn TODAY except that he would consider Annie DiMartino’s opinion of America expressed here delusional.

Watch from :38 to about 1:10 it is a love letter to the country.

Annie DiMartino and I are on the opposite sides of the political fence, but on they day she dies I’ll have a lot to say about her.

RSM and the Jammie Waving Fool are less shy concerning Zinn.