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As a general rule anything John Hawkins writes is worth checking out so when he mentioned that he has a new substack focusing on the culture wars called Cultursidal and asked if I’d mention it I immediately checked it out.

As you might guess there are interesting pieces but what caught my eye the most is this from the
“about” page:

Andrew Breitbart was absolutely right when he said that “politics is downstream from culture.” However, Breitbart didn’t go nearly far enough. In one sense or another, almost everything that matters is downstream from culture. That’s because a non-functional culture produces non-functional people. The sort of people who create disastrous, broken lives for themselves and then demand that the rest of the world change to accommodate their bad decisions. Go look at #BlackLivesMatter, ANTIFA, Incels, transsexuals, drag queens, furries, welfare addicts, modern feminists, Nazis, and any number of other groups and you’ll see people who are losers that want to rewrite the rules of the game to make themselves winners. It would be easy to blame society for their problems, but that’s not quite accurate. They largely created their own problems and society is at fault to the extent that it cruelly caters to their delusions instead of pointing them in the right direction.

As both a cultural warrior who has been told more times than he can count by people supposedly on my side who make their living off of public office & power that my concerns over the last three decades that fighting said wars were overstated and as a practicing Catholic who actually believes in the faith and worried about the salvation of individuals this is one of the best summaries of what is going on.

Why bother to achieve in reality when you can redefine achievement? Why bother struggling against sin when you can redefine sin? It’s literally the oldest trick in the book: you will be like gods and the Devil has been taking people with it for decades?

This alone tells me that John gets it and it’s the reason why I’m happy to interrupt this blog long enough to tell you to head on over and check out Culturcidal today and on a regular basis.

You won’t regret it.

John is one of those A-list bloggers that Iowahawk was talking about.

The day I get to the level of Right Wing news I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about an empty tip jar again.