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Three to four days a week minimum for me are on the road selling ads, or going to the studio. Can someone explain to me with production down and new supplies all over the place why gas is up to $3.02 a gallon around here?

I talked to one of my advertisers this week. The rising fuel costs over the last few weeks have consumed over a third of his profit that he works like a dog to achieve.

Has the actual cost of pumping a barrel of oil actually increased to justify the cost? Where is this extra cost actually coming from?

During the Obama years oil prices have risen steady. The effect on the price of everything has skyrocketed because of this since everything we buy is hauled by truck.

Yet we see very little of this in the news. After all The One™ was going to solve all of our problems, pay our rents, give people “Obama Money” etc etc etc.

Well now that we have Republicans in charge of at least one house I’m sure the media will start to report on some of these problems, after all there is someone to blame. For example as reported by wyblog it looks like free checking might be over:

New federal banking regulations, the cost of complying with those rules and a reduction in fees banks can charge customers will change the financial products they offer, bankers say.

Who is most likely to need free checking with low (or no) minimum balance? Poor people. Oops. I guess Elizabeth Warren hates poor people. Sorry, no bank accounts for you! We’ve got to protect morons who can’t balance their checkbooks from being charged for their laziness!

But wait, there’s more…

She apparently hates women too; her credit card regulations require that a non-working spouse can no longer use her husband’s income to qualify for credit.

Oops sorry, that is the Obama appointment, but have no fear republicans will be blamed as Don Surber notes the NYT is already on the job.