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On both the redesign and today’s Doctor Who comedy comic with Bugs Bunny as the 3rd Doctor and Wile E Coyote as the Master.

How can even this president keep me depressed when I have stuff like this to cheer me up?

Yeah I’m upset about the Arizona ruling, the Massachusetts electoral college law and the Keeton case but there is joy in DaTechGuy ville today:

For Rich has started his newest Doctor Who saga Outrage today staring the 6th Doctor and Mel!

So get yourself over there and start enjoying yet another exciting and well drawn Doctor Who serial.

Oh and if you missed his just completed 3rd Doctor Adventure, The Stalker of Norfolk it is now available free as a PDF download.

See life is good

the final chapter of the original 3rd Doctor adventure The Stalker of Norfolk at Rich’s Comic Blog.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the story set in 1588 and don’t want to come in at the end the Title page is here. Simply go on through the 63 pages. The Archive page featuring 3-10 pages at a time is here.

The Next new adventure is called Outrage. Since he has now done the 3rd, 5th, and 8th Doctors we can assume that we will be seeing a different one(s). Anyone want to make book on which one(s)?

…is exactly what the world needs more of these days, but I see that commentator Ayla was way ahead of me on this.

I hadn’t plugged Rich’s Comic blog for a bit. If you like good drawn art, fun stories and Dr. Who it is the place to be.

He is only 18 pages into his latest Dr. Who tale so you won’t have much to Catch up on.

If you want a sample of his work here is a bit from his 10 Ten Doctors with Sound added by a fan:

I recommend all of his work, just click on his comics archive and read em all.

If it was in book form it would be what I want for Christmas.