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One important note about the “emergency meeting” concerning Target and the LGBTQ+ stuff being pushed on kids and the open Satanism stuff.

Unlike Anheuser-Busch (who has reached the point of buying back cases of Bud Light past the sell by date) Target is not claiming any of this stuff is a mistake, they’re not demoting groups of their marketing people or pulling the stuff promoting Satanism off their shelves.

Nope what their doing is trying to hide the stuff in the back so that most avg shoppers don’t notice it right away and only in some stores down south. Apparently if you live in the blue state their all in on grooming kids and Satanism.

For the target team it’s not about a mistake, it’s about trying to minimize any sales losses as their push their agenda.

Put simply Target is trying to (at least in some spots) hide who and what they are and always were.

Shop accordingly.