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If you missed Saturdays’ show with Jazz Shaw and Sissy Willis have no fear it’s available here. here.

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We are late of here at DaTechGuy blog in updating DaBlogs of DaMonth but as you might have heard I’ve been a bit occupied. So lets first say goodbye and God bless to our Nov blogs Conservatives 4 Palin, IsraellyCool and Shrinkwrapped who have (as always) been good reading all month.

Our new Blogs of the Month choices fit a particular pattern our first is one of my few Blogchildren DaScienceGuy who has an excellent series on WW I vs modern war currently running at his site, a peek:

I have been told that there is a quote from the Civil War that “War is Hell” and I was recently watching a documentary on television about World War I where several veterans said yes it is Hell on Earth.

However, I think one big difference between culture then and culture now (NOT the troops the culture here) is that in the first World War the soldiers and everyone knew that every single time there was a firefight or battle that not every soldier was going to come back. They knew it. Now we get really mad at our politicians if a soldier goes into battle and dies.

I don’t want them to die. I am a veteran. NO ONE wants them to die. But SOLDIERS go into these situations knowing that it is possible. They don’t want to but it can happen. They know it. Yet they go. That takes a real sense of duty. I think they should all be commended for facing this fear so we don’t have to.

There is a 2nd post in this series and you really need to read it.

My second choice is Damian Thompson’s Holy Smoke blog that he writes for the London Telegraph. Recently he wrote about the magic circle:

Do not be misled by the success of the Pope’s visit, says Scarborough: this bureaucratic structure devotes more time to frustrating the initiatives of Benedict XVI than to implementing them.

The BCEW finds that it can neither advance in line with secular “progressive” thought nor face retreat, so it simply stagnates. Meanwhile, authentically Catholic radicalism and counter-culturalism is led by traditionalists. The spectre of large numbers of Anglo-Catholic clergy becoming a semi-autonomous part of the Catholic Church in England has horrified the BCEW, which has greeted every development in the progress toward the first English ordinariate with sighs and fear.

As I recall in the Book of Revelation Christ talks about running hot and cold. At the end you don’t end up marrying Katy Perry or playing with Elmo.

On Christmas Day at 9 p.m. EST you can hear more of him.

And lastly but certainly not least Sissy Willis of SISU who talks Sarah Palin and the late Elizabeth Edwards in her latest:

Unlike Sarah, who married her high school sweetheart and stuck by her man through thick and thin, Elizabeth Edwards married a hottie she met in law school who turned out to be a narcissistic, power-hungry monster. We were thinking about her life and the paths not taken as we read this afternoon of Edwards’s death at 61 from a metastacizing breast cancer first diagnosed in the final days of her husband’s vice-presidential candidacy.

It’s pure coincidence that she quotes me in this piece, it’s not pure coincidence that all three blogs of the month either have been or will be guest on my show (for DaScienceGuy it is both).

Check them out during this Christmas Season and find out what you are missing!

Sissy Willis joins us to talk a little Sarah Palin

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