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Tim Blair has a must read post today about how obsession, comparing the “Jewish conspiracy” fetishes in the Arab world with the Palin obsession of the left, it skewers all the right people and closes thus:

If Palin’s “extreme rhetoric” causes murders, perhaps we should be keeping an eye on media leftists, for they seem most taken by the popular Alaskan grandmother and Facebook pundit. Bizarrely, they also imagine that others – including 22-year-old drug-sucking gamer burnouts like Loughner – follow her with similar obsession.

More likely is that Loughner was simply a goon with a gun. Meanwhile, the broader case remains unexamined. If the “extreme rhetoric” of Palin and others leads to greater violence, we should see that reflected in homicide statistics. But the murder rate in the US keeps falling, according to the Washington Post last May: “For the third consecutive year, violent crime has declined in the United States, including a 7.2 per cent reduction in homicides.”

I blame Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile on our side of the Pacific Don Surber is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore:

For two years now, I have been called ignorant, racist, angry and violent by the left. The very foul-mouthed protesters of Bush dare to now label my words as “hate speech.”

Last week, the left quickly blamed the right for the national tragedy of a shooting spree by a madman who never watched Fox News, never listened to Rush Limbaugh and likely did not know who Sarah Palin is.

Fortunately, the American public rejected out of hand that idiotic notion that the right was responsible.

Rather than apologize, the left wants to change the tone of the political debate.

The left suddenly wants civil discourse.

Bite me.

Don’t hold back Don tell me what you really think.

Meanwhile on the left we see the civility used when jealous of being unable to match the hits of a single law professor in Tennessee.

The myths of the left will likely continue but as facts continue to come out watch the mask continue to slip.

Running late again this month so let me give a found farewell to are blogs of the month for last month. Holysmoke, DaScienceGuy and SISU.

This month we have Katy’s conservative corner. She Joins into the debate on the Giffords shooting thus:

The Associated Press reported on Sunday morning that, despite the fact that this person had been turned down by the US Army for enlistment, had dropped out of high school, and been kicked out of his community college, somehow Sarah Palin was to be blamed.

Katy wishes congresswoman Giffords a speedy recovery.

Our next pick is Tim Blair who is always a pleasure to read he has spoken on the Giffords shooting but you will enjoy this global warming post more:

Doomstruck US scientist James Hansen essentially launched the modern global warming movement with his 1988 testimony before Congress. Batting on a friendly pitch and facing only the softest of attacks, Hansen scored easy runs and has remained in the opening slot ever since.

Against more probing questions, Hansen is prone to wild slogging. In 2009 he was forcibly removed from the crease during an anti-coal demonstration outside the White House and later that year called for a carbon tax equivalent to one dollar per US gallon of petrol.

Hansen’s opening partner, US panic merchant Bill McKibben, wrote one of the earliest books on global warming and continues writing books on the same subject, hoping that one day they’ll be read. Currently campaigning to have Earth re-named as Eaarth. Seriously.

He is using Cricket imagery and the whole post is a ton of fun.

Finally we bring on Dr. Sanity who has a gem on an e-mail he received in reaction to the Giffords shooting:

It takes a truly ‘sick’ person, in every philosophical/moral/spiritual and ethical sense of the word to say that such an ill person’s motivations are the exact motivations of those with whom they happen to disagree.

I have been treating schizophrenic patients for almost 35 years now. The point is that their illness impairs their cognitive functioning. Schizophrenics have a biological cause for their dysfunction.

I wonder what my emailer’s excuse for his behavior is?

I suspect it derives from the voluntary suspension of his cognitive functioning in order to maintain a certain worldview or ideology that explains a disturbing reality he does not want to face.

I think we can take the word “suspect” out of it.

…I wonder what he will say about these Islamic clerics:

Sheik Yuusuf Abuu Hamza. an official from the city’s Islamist administration confirmed the arrest of world cup fans, accusing them of being guilty against Islam. “They have made a big mistake; they didn’t obey the orders not to watch the un-Islamic event of football so they will face punishment,” the militant official said.

But they can’t be racist, they’re not American. Not to mention the fact that they are Islamic and I’m sure that Mr. Zirin knows the penalty for insulting Islam. Hint it’s not removing PayPal privileges.

Via Tim Blair who Zirin will have no problem calling a racist for this great snark:

They’re a notably cruel bunch. Maybe they’ll make them watch it again.

All kidding aside at Blair’s link there is even worse on the subject.

Speaking of Blair I wonder if they are playing under Canadian rules?

Considering the number of people Charles has been hitting lately I was wondering why Glenn hasn’t taken note of all the back and forth in the ‘sphere over the McCain/Johnson et/all stuff. I figured once Tim Blair was involved as well that might produce one post and I really hoped that my Julius Caesar post Friends, bloggers, Conservatives might have gotten his notice. (Feel free to recommend it to him)

But it didn’t hit me until I was thinking about the anti-palin stuff in the Amazon discussions. The Luna(tic) woman wasn’t just taking the time to hit Palin, he included her blog link and wanted to piggyback her comments on Palin into hits in the same way that MSNBC uses Rush.

Charles now has the Palin/racist post with a photo of Palin at the top of his blog, it is there to generate interest and hits. My own mild involvement in the controversy with Robert Stacy gave me a month even better than my instalance month.

Any comment he makes will drive traffic to Mr. Johnson thus he keeps his own counsel.

Years ago Glenn published a letter I wrote him on the subject of Haditha and it led to me suddenly becoming an “internet nazi” to the left. I had it for one day but he must get it every single day since he took his first stand onlie. I asked him how he puts up with it and his answer to me that day is still valid:

Practice. Plus, like Jeff Goldstein, I crap bigger than them. Much bigger. . . .

So Glenn will likely remain silent even if Charles tries to goad him. Like Robert Stacy, just because we don’t know what he is doing doesn’t mean he doesn’t know.