Arthur vs Carter watch, I didn’t think it was possible…

Posted: February 23, 2009 by datechguy in arthur vs carter, war
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…for the Obama administration to get this low:

The Obama team was not only silent on the new “Israel is racist” language, it also said nothing when faced with Holocaust denial. Negotiators from the European Union suggested on Wednesday a new provision to “condemn without reservation any denial of the Holocaust and urges all states to reject denial of the Holocaust as an historical event, either in full, or in part, or any activities to this end.” Iran–whose president is a Holocaust-denier–immediately objected and insisted that the proposal be “bracketed” or put in dispute. The move blocked the adoption of the proposal and ensured another battle over the reality of the Holocaust in April–at these supposedly “anti-racism” meetings. After Iran objected, the chair looked around the room, expecting a response. He said: “Is there any delegation wishing to comment on this new proposal by the European Union? It doesn’t seem the case. We move on.” U.S. delegates said nothing, even after the prompt.

The official US delegation of the Obama administration was not willing to officially object to Holocaust being in dispute. Can’t make Iran angry.

Since the Obama administration is not a Pseudo Bishop without actual standing in the Catholic Church I suspect the media will not jump on this at all, but the Arthur Carter Watch does:

Carter 11 Arthur 4

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  1. rightwinggamer says:

    Sadly, to me, it wasn’t merely possible, it was inevitable. I’m not sure how much help the Obama Administration will be to Israel these days. Also, be warned, a cornered Israel is an extremely dangerous Israel. You want an extremely unstable Middle East, just remove U.S. help from Israel and Iraq.

    Unless the path changes quickly, it’s only a matter of time. Obama doesn’t seem to be someone who actually “Listens” to people. Just ask the families of the Cole victims whom he visited, or perhaps the one he didn’t. Obama is an outright apologist of American Intervention, not a defender of American Sovereignty.

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