“If you judge by signs ‘For Sale’ would be winning hands down”

Posted: October 9, 2010 by datechguy in elections, local issues, oddities, opinion/news, politics
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Ran into DaHospitality guy yesterday. Haven’t seen much of him as he’s been busy with running the old Dynasty Sable Face to Face baseball league (now in its 23rd year).

He was interested in my wandering Olver story and out of curiosity starting driving around town to check out signs. He said that in West Fitchburg (his stomping ground) you could see quite a few Olver signs. I haven’t been to west Fitchburg in a couple of weeks but I’ll take his word for it.

He then told me after driving the main drags once he hit side roads and left west Fitchburg the Bill Gunn signs: “Totally blew Olver away” (his pun not mine), but there was a more important indicator.

He could not get over how many “For Sale” signs there were everywhere. Beyond the normal buying and selling it seems that more people without jobs are preparing to flee to other parts less expensive parts of the country (Massachusetts will likely lose another district for 2012) or state, or just need to raise funds to survive. As he put it Gunn has much more signage that Olver but “For Sale” dwarfs them both.

It is that bad economy more than any number of Bill Gunn signs that spell trouble for John Olver and every other democrat in this state.

  1. Dave C says:

    I use to live in Michigan and was checking out my old neighborhood the other day online on a real estate site.

    I’m still stunned how many houses are for sale there. So many way below the what the home should be worth.

  2. eggmerchant says:

    I’ve noticed most Olver signs are not in front of residences. On the other hand there are not many Gunn signs placed on an isolated area of the highway; they are mostly in front of citizens homes (principle or primary, as Ms. Bump would say).
    As a campaign volunteer for Gunn, I approach a homeowner and let them know who Bill is, what he stands for, and whom he is running against. They are almost unanimous (90%) in their enthusiastic support for Bill Gunn. I’ve heard remarks like; “We have got to get ‘that guy’ (Olver) out of there” …and let’s throw him out on his a$$”. These are unsolicited comments that I receive less than a minute after knocking on a stranger’s door.
    I know of people with Olver (and Coakley) signs in their garage-not on their lawn. Are they too embarrassed to put them next to the Obrien signs?
    So the answer is yes. I do think the ratio of Gunn signs to Olver signs count for something. I think it is a barometer for citizen support for their candidate.

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