I have a question for those who say Christine O’Donnell is losing big in Del

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You know the folks who spend all their time laughing.

Via Glenn we see this from ABC (all emphasis mine):

Chris Coons changed his previous position on the Bush-era tax cuts this morning telling me that he would support extending all of the tax cuts for everyone for “several years.”

“I am committed to extending the Bush tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans for everybody making up to $250,000, but I would extend them for everyone,” the Democratic candidate for Delaware’s Senate seat told me on “GMA.”

“I’d be willing to extend them for several years for all Americans, of whatever income if that also allows us to reach a bipartisan compromise that makes real progress in offering tax relief to small and medium businesses, to the home owners exception, to research and development,” he said.

That contradicts President Obama’s position and Coons’ own campaign website, which states “High-Income Bush Tax Cuts Should Expire on Schedule.”

The key take-aways from this?

1. The MSM has been making fun of Christine O’Donnell’s debate performances for the last three days. Yet this morning, after Delaware voters saw those same debates that the MSM laughed at it is Chris Coons NOT Christine O’Donnell who feels compelled to change positions.

2. Does a candidate 12 days before an election flip-flop on a key position if he is actually up 10+ points in a race?

3. What does it say about President Obama’s popularity that less than a week after he visits Delaware his candidate Chris Coons feels the need to run away from the president’s position.

I think O’Donnell wins this race as part of the big red wave as long as she doesn’t make the mistake of forgetting the people who got her there.

Update: Instalanche: Thanks Glenn and further along the lines of political reality check this out from my latest piece for the examiner:

The President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world. He won Massachusetts by 24 points yet 3000 people were bussed in from all over the state to attend. Boston is a city of over 600,000 the metro area is 4.5 million and it’s been voting democrat for 60 years yet the campaign didn’t have the confidence that they could draw on a Saturday three weeks before an election?

Coons flipped after an Obama visit, NRO reports Obama will be in Connecticut two days before election day. Will that leave Blumenthal enough time to run away from him?

Update 2: On GMA O’Donnell stands behind her 1st Amendment remarks while the Washington Post and the Widener law school itself have to edit their reports wholesale. Who are the idiots here?

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