Good thing we elected Deval or otherwise layoffs would come, oh wait

Posted: November 12, 2010 by datechguy in economy, employment, opinion/news
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If you looked at Deval Patrick’s ads, they were all about Jobs, however did the message have some help:

U.S. defense contractor Raytheon announced a series of layoffs Tuesday just days after Gov. Deval Patrick denied asking it to delay terminations until after the state elections.

The announcement follows three other rounds of layoffs announced by Massachusetts employers in the immediate aftermath of last week’s elections.

Lab services company Charles River Laboratories and biotechnology firms Biogen Idec and Genzyme have made work force reductions totaling more than 1,000 jobs since Nov. 3, the day after Patrick was re-elected. Raytheon wouldn’t divulge the size of its work force reduction.

Well its not as if the Governor denied stuff like this was coming; oh wait:

“No, no. That’s just a rumor,” the governor said after one of his final campaign rallies in Newburyport.

When he was asked if he requested the company delay any terminations, he bristled and responded: “Come on. They’ve been adding jobs.”

Well I’m sure Raytheon can categorically deny that the governor made such a request can’t they?

On Oct. 29, Raytheon Co. spokesman Jon Kasle refused to answer whether Patrick had requested a delay in layoffs, saying, “I would not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Guess not.

Massachusetts just remember we had an election this week, we did this to ourselves and as always are getting the government we deserve…or are we?

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  3. We’re morons, but at least we’re unionized morons.

  4. Martin Weiss says:

    fwiw, the BLS subsite on MASSACHUSETTS is:

    For the year ending Sept 2010, employment is up a smidgen, about the same as the US as a whole.

    If you concentrate on any given group of employers or any given sector you can always get numbers to prove whatever point you want.

  5. bandit says:

    You’re on AM830 Sat at 9PM? You better eMail me so someones listening. I vote in Boston ward 20 and when I was walking in I saw at least a dozen neighbors – all nice people, all union families and I thought – how am I going to offest those dozen votes?

  6. Vinny B. says:

    Interesting how quickly you come out to criticize Deval after his sweeping re-election. Perhaps you are angry that he won. Or, perhaps you hate him for the same reason you hate Obama and blame everything on him, because he’s black/

  7. CR says:

    Any chance that this sort of “holding the bad news” could be considered a “like kind” donation by FEC? I’m just sayin’…

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  9. willis says:

    I seriously doubt that Governor Deval would attempt to deceive the voters of Massachussetts. These are intelligent, highly educated progressives who think for themselves and vote the issues, not the rhetoric. They re-elected Barney Frank didn’t they?

  10. dahospitalityguy says:

    The same argument could be made that following the Big Red Wave as you call it, the higher ups at Raytheon are making their decision based on the Republicans taking control of Congress.
    And since they ran on cutting spending perhaps Raytheon would lose government contracts. Its not like Companies everywhere were on large hiring sprees over the last few years anyways.