Republicans Learn Democrats do not

Posted: November 17, 2010 by datechguy in congress, politics
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An excellent example of why Republicans are better than democrats. They can Learn, to wit Mitch McConnell:

“Make no mistake,” he added, “I know the good that has come from the projects I have helped support throughout my state. I don’t apologize for them. But there is simply no doubt that the abuse of this practice has caused Americans to view it as a symbol of the waste and the out-of-control spending that every Republican in Washington is determined to fight. And unless people like me show the American people that we’re willing to follow through on small or even symbolic things, we risk losing them on our broader efforts to cut spending and rein in government.”

So Mitch McConnell seeing the mood of the voters decided to respect their wishes. How about the democrats?

The word on the House Democratic caucus vote for minority leader is that Nancy Pelosi has won, 150 to 43.

An earlier measure to delay leadership votes until December garnered 68 votes in the caucus — not enough to carry, but perceived as an indication of uneasiness among some rank-and-filers about reelecting Pelosi. But a comfortable majority of the new minority seemed to have had no such qualms.

Ruby slippers has more:

She led the party out of the wilderness but under her leadership, she led them right back in. Heaven forbid any of these clueless Dems stop to ponder the possibility that passing massive pieces of unpopular legislation was really the problem.

Still, this is incredible news for Republicans. Leaving Pelosi, Reid and Obama in place as the face of a liberal Democrat Party is nearly as shortsighted as passing that health care law and far less damaging – to the country anyway. For Democrats, hoping the independents they lost in droves this last cycle will forget the midnight Christmas eve votes and that comical gavel, Pelosi’s continued presence in leadership is the nightmare they deserve.

Democratic intransigence, the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. dahospitalityguy says:

    Oh really?

    I suppose there is no infrastructure anywhere in the country that needs funding. There are no bridges that need repair. There are no roads that need to be paved.

    Of course there are. Those repairs are jobs.

    Where will the districts, cities, counties, parishes, and states get the funding for much needed projects without earmarks?

    It is sad that the Republicans in Congress feel the best way to help the economy is to not fund the projects designed to grow it.

  2. dahospitalityguy says:

    The democratic leadership order stayed the same. Why do you try to make an issue out of it?