What I saw at the Boston Union/Tea Party rally

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I got to the State house around 5:45. At the time I got there you could see two distinct groups. On the right side of the street (the state house building) were the unions. About 1200 people appeared on that side of the street (I actually counted).

The Union side of the street

On the other side of the street was the tea party folk, mixed with union folk, there were considerably more Union folk so they spilled over but the Tea Party had flags at the Shaw memorial precariously perched on the top of an ice bank.

The police did the best to keep the side apart at first and keep the road open since there was no permit to close it:

A Boston police office works to keep the road open

After my initial count I started interviewing I began on the Union side of the street with Kat:

The next willing person to talk was from the Democratic Socialists of America, ironic:

As soon as I talked to him a union fellow came up to me to claim that the tea party was having people show up pretending to be union folk. The irony of that statement was huge. This is called “projection” and we would see more of that before the end of the day.

I then crossed the street the crowd was getting thicker as more union folk turned up (were the stewards counting?). On the Tea Party side was Susan who was pushing a priest in a wheelchair and is clearly more Catholic than me:

At this point the crowd surge was really large, I noticed Marty Lamb

(I’ve been seeing him everywhere lately) who had a bit of a tale to tell:

I didn’t see Marty Knocked down, if someone has the film I’d like to see it. I also didn’t know they were making some union guys sign in. That suggest payment but I have no direct evidence of that.

At this point the street was shut down, I went to the police to ask about it and they said it was a matter of safety, too many people were there and they could not guarantee safety of people if cars kept going though

Street was closed off

I then climbed up the ice hill and saw Roxeanne (who will talk about this Saturday on the show) and talked to Ralph who was now surrounded by union guys so his flag would not show up in the pictures

Climbing down was a bit of an adventure. I briefly chatted with one of the union guys covering the event and we agreed that the ice hill didn’t care what side anyone was on.

And of course the Axis of Fedora was represented:

Now that's a Fedora look

more than once:

As the day wore on there were more of the standard: “I show up for every protest” people along with the LaRouche cult (sans Obama Hitler mustaches signs) their suggestions were…interesting.

Shortly afterward

Michael Graham's doctor notes

Michael Graham of WTKK showed up and he was not well received by the union folk as he gave out his “Doctor Notes”

The union guys swarmed him so police had to come, ironically one of the union guys heckling him made the best case of anyone there for unions in general:

This guy should have been on the stage, if the unions were smart he would be their spokesman. Meanwhile I followed Graham as his very presence made buzz

and seemed to drive people over the edge:

To craziness and Nazi salutes. This really took State Rep Bastein (R Gardner) aback

He talked to me about it directly afterward:

We never saw this kind of nonsense in our neck of the woods. I lost track of Graham at this point but found an interesting person who had lived in the Soviet Union who had some comment:

It’s funny how people who have actually lived under oppression seem to be on the conservative side. He was the second Russian I had met today saying the same thing.

At this point (about 5:30) it looked like things were dying down

However it wasn’t as dead as I thought as this fellow started to call the Tea Party people (who were more prominent as some union people started leaving) mass murderers.

I tried to interview the union guy who tried to block the interview but he declined curtly. Even more interestingly was an actress Trudy and her friend Bob who both talked to me until my memory card filled:

It was really interesting to see really odd charges made against the tea party which are totally contrary to reality and to my own reporting over the last 14 months but I never thought to ask her, if she was an actress for all these decades with the Union to look out for her, how is it she never made it into the middle class? I guess the union movement didn’t do much for her.

Once I changed my card I talked to Edward of the tea party who I see regularly at these events and Karen who follows me on twitter (thanks)

We both bemoaned the lateness of our Koch brother checks that should be keeping us in luxury. I made it a point to stay as the union folk packed up, there was a fair amount of trash that was left in the area and I wanted to see if they would pick up after themselves, in the end pickup was done but from an unexpected source:

Yes that’s right, a tea party guy was picking up after the union, after all “janitor” was likely not in their job description.

At that point I went back to the tea and a nice fellow allowed me to put my PC on his bag as he sat allowing me to finish my Examiner article (click on it, that’s worth .75 of a cent to me).

How did it come out? Well it really will have no effect on Wisconsin but you could see that the union side was tense, they are very afraid of what is going on in Wisconsin, they were in denial about the last election, and I think they realize that it’s a question of when (not if) Gov Walker wins this fight.

The image of democrats fleeing the state and doctors giving out “sick notes” have made a very bad impression that is likely going to stick. Even worse if Walker turns Wisconsin around he will be copied and the game will be over.

Update: Welcome Big Government and Gateway pundit readers. Take a peek around and don’t forget to check out my two articles on the subject at the Examiner. Anger and Loathing in Boston and The News Hounds that didn’t Bark. Also check out my two interviews with Andrew Breitbart, one from CPAC and one from Madison.

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  5. bobbelvedere says:

    Great job. A very well-rounded report. You covered what none – and I mean NONE – of the local stations would.

    Bravo, Pete!

    Linked to at:
    Look For The Union Fable

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  7. Frank Koza says:

    Awesome reporting. Thank you.

  8. POWIP says:

    […] DaTech Guy has more on this rally and latest assault by a leftist thug. He says the union members were signing in (so they could get paid?). […]

  9. […] DaTech Guy has more on this rally and latest assault by a leftist thug. He says the union members were signing in (so they could get paid?). […]

  10. […] DaTech Guy has more on this rally and latest assault by a leftist thug. He says the union members were signing in (so they could get paid?). […]

  11. […] DaTech Guy has more on this rally and latest assault by a leftist thug. He says the union members were signing in (so they could get paid?). […]

  12. Peter Warner says:

    This is excellent journalism, far surpassing what the general media produce. The interviews are respectful, allow the subject to speak his mind without leading or interruptions, allowing the viewer to draw his own impression.

    Most of all, I want to commend you for making a point of staying to the conclusion of the event: it irritates greatly when the ‘media’ show up for ten minutes, then vacate the location. You provide a much broader view of what happened, and managed a scoop: the Tea Party volunteer picking up the debris left behind by his opposition, as a matter of civic pride and principle.

    This is fantastic journalism, and I don’t say that just because I’m from Massachusetts, share your first name, and wear a hat like your own. if any media manager was smart, they would hire your work.

    Best wishes, Peter Warner.

  13. Westie says:

    Good job on documenting this….thanks.

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  15. wodun says:

    Great job. Your interviewing style really let people open up to the camera.

  16. Boundaries says:

    Handbooks for talking points must’ve been passed out to all these crazed people. They make the same comments as those posted on articles. It’s like a recording. Just because they have the largest crowd doesn’t mean that the majority of the country agree with them. They dissed the Tea Party people and blamed them for all their woes. I guess they never got the message that most of the people in this country don’t want to keep carrying the water for all these people who call themselves professionals. If some of these folks were teachers, it’s understandable why students aren’t proficient in reading, math, etc. The lady in the hat that was giving the Hitler salute and the guy who was blaming theTea Party for Afghanistan and everything else from the beginning of time, had to have been given a day pass from the asylum. The actions of the union crowd was embarassing and they’re too stupid to realize it. None of those speaking on camera should be allowed to get near a classroom.

  17. Marianne says:

    Great insight into what people are thinking out there – from both sides – and with such respect toward the people you interviewed. I actually had this site open for two days to catch it all (in between offline events). I applaud you.

  18. Nan says:

    We can see the thugs stationing themselves with their signs behind Marty
    and not allowing the “Don’t Tread on Me’ flag to show.

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