Thanksgiving Thoughts, They’re Still scared Under the Fedora

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As of this writing (10:22 AM EST Wednesday) Twitter is still considering my appeal on being locked out of my account for tweeting the same link that they have in writing repeatedly stated was an error in the five previous appeals (all taking from 1 day to under sixty seconds to resolve) in which they restored me.

Apparently Benfords law is the new New York Post Hunter Biden story.

That’s why I think they’re still scared

Update: I got home around 12:15 AM after work and found an email from 8:16 PM saying once again that they make an “error” and “sincerely apologized for any inconvenience” which I’m sure has as much reality as the previous five times they offered said apology

Upwards of a sixth of the country over 50 million Americans believe that this election was stolen. Being a person familiar with numbers and statistics to some degree I don’t “believe” the election was stolen, I state is as a fact.

There is a reason why you don’t see any statistical experts being rushed before the MSM to defend the results. Numbers people in colleges know what’s happened but dare not speak it for fear of the mob.

That’s why I think they’re still scared.

As of this moment Sydney Powell has not filed her Georgia Lawsuit so I don’t know what evidence she has on the Dominion systems nor do I know the details of Rudy’s case on mail in ballots, (UPDATE: She released the Kraken last night & the PA hearings have details on this) but this piece of news, in my opinion the news that NY Dems have won a veto proof majority in their state senate after the intrepid leadership of Cuomo seems fantastic to say the least.

In fairness as Mr. Barnum noted one should not discount gullibility or stupidity in these situation but those results should raise an eyebrow or two. But given what we’ve seen from Cuomo & the Democrats already people living in New York should be very afraid.

Let’s be fair just because they’re still scared doesn’t mean that they don’t have a strong advantage at this point given the feckless behavior of the GOP but let me note one thing that they shroud be scared of.

The Trump economic boom covered a lot of liberal sins on the state level. When the tax revenues are pouring in you can afford to spend like idiots. Hell the boom is so big that at my own place of work instead of 24-32 hou weeks before Black Friday we’ve had regular overtime this month AND a voluntary Thanksgiving shift added.

If the President team fails to stop the steal the Biden Bust will replace the Trump Boom and then those blue states will have one more problem on their hands.

They should be very afraid.

Finally I had to laugh when I saw this tweet from Donald Trump Jr. concerning the two senate races in Georgia:

I understand the sentiment but if Democrats can openly steal a presidential election in Georgia without, the governor or AG or legislature acting to stop it why on earth do you think conservative Georgians would decide that it’s worth bothering to show up to vote when it’s obvious the Democrats would steal both senate races too?

The left isn’t the only people who should be very afraid.

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