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In the minds of Americans the Mayflower Compact should rank right up there with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  Unfortunately this document has been all but forgotten by us Americans.  I’m a history fanatic and I never read it before seeing it spread across conservative and libertarian websites which marked the 400th anniversary of the document’s drafting and signing on November 11th.

This Federalist Article describes in detail the importance of that document.  As you can see from this quote that free exercise  of religion was central to the drafting of the Mayflower Compact and the founding of Plymouth Plantation.

We think of the Pilgrims as our forebears, and it is legitimate to do so. But it’s important to remember that the Pilgrims, and the other Puritans who settled New England in the seventeenth century, did not imagine that they were establishing the United States of America. Nothing could have been further from their minds. They were doing something entirely different. They were about the business of establishing a haven where they could enjoy a pure and uncorrupted church.

Religious freedom was at the heart of the Mayflower compact because the pilgrims fled England because of religions persecution which led to a painful exile.

After 11 years of living in increasingly difficult exile in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands, they secured a land patent from the Virginia Company permitting them to establish an English colony where they could practice their faith freely. That was their dream. Across the ocean, they came aboard the Mayflower and made landfall at what is today Cape Cod — outside of the Virginia Company’s jurisdiction, and indeed, outside the jurisdiction of any known government.

Self governance was also at the very heart of Mayflower compact.

This would turn out to be one of the most primal constitutional moments in history, one that established the foundational principle of self-rule that would become the heartbeat of the American republic and its free institutions.

As you can see from this quote from the Text of the Mayflower Compact that Pilgrims were deeply religious individuals who were still loyal to the King of England.  You can also see that they were creating a colony that they would govern themselves.

In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread sovereigne Lord, King James, by the grace of God, of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland king, defender of the faith, etc., having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honour of our king and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northerne parts of Virginia, doe, by these presents, solemnly and mutually in the presence of God, and one another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil body politick,

This next quote is very reminiscent of the Preamble of the United States Constitution.  Self governance and equal protection under the law are spelled out quite clearly.

for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enacte, constitute, and frame such just and equall laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meete and convenient for the generall good of the Colonie unto which we promise all due submission and obedience.

I understand that Twitter is censoring links to Sidney Powell’s site to keep people from reading the complaints in Georgia


As of this writing (10:22 AM EST Wednesday) Twitter is still considering my appeal on being locked out of my account for tweeting the same link that they have in writing repeatedly stated was an error in the five previous appeals (all taking from 1 day to under sixty seconds to resolve) in which they restored me.

Apparently Benfords law is the new New York Post Hunter Biden story.

That’s why I think they’re still scared

Update: I got home around 12:15 AM after work and found an email from 8:16 PM saying once again that they make an “error” and “sincerely apologized for any inconvenience” which I’m sure has as much reality as the previous five times they offered said apology

Upwards of a sixth of the country over 50 million Americans believe that this election was stolen. Being a person familiar with numbers and statistics to some degree I don’t “believe” the election was stolen, I state is as a fact.

There is a reason why you don’t see any statistical experts being rushed before the MSM to defend the results. Numbers people in colleges know what’s happened but dare not speak it for fear of the mob.

That’s why I think they’re still scared.

As of this moment Sydney Powell has not filed her Georgia Lawsuit so I don’t know what evidence she has on the Dominion systems nor do I know the details of Rudy’s case on mail in ballots, (UPDATE: She released the Kraken last night & the PA hearings have details on this) but this piece of news, in my opinion the news that NY Dems have won a veto proof majority in their state senate after the intrepid leadership of Cuomo seems fantastic to say the least.

In fairness as Mr. Barnum noted one should not discount gullibility or stupidity in these situation but those results should raise an eyebrow or two. But given what we’ve seen from Cuomo & the Democrats already people living in New York should be very afraid.

Let’s be fair just because they’re still scared doesn’t mean that they don’t have a strong advantage at this point given the feckless behavior of the GOP but let me note one thing that they shroud be scared of.

The Trump economic boom covered a lot of liberal sins on the state level. When the tax revenues are pouring in you can afford to spend like idiots. Hell the boom is so big that at my own place of work instead of 24-32 hou weeks before Black Friday we’ve had regular overtime this month AND a voluntary Thanksgiving shift added.

If the President team fails to stop the steal the Biden Bust will replace the Trump Boom and then those blue states will have one more problem on their hands.

They should be very afraid.

Finally I had to laugh when I saw this tweet from Donald Trump Jr. concerning the two senate races in Georgia:

I understand the sentiment but if Democrats can openly steal a presidential election in Georgia without, the governor or AG or legislature acting to stop it why on earth do you think conservative Georgians would decide that it’s worth bothering to show up to vote when it’s obvious the Democrats would steal both senate races too?

The left isn’t the only people who should be very afraid.

The never-ending increase in demand for more flexible solutions has led to industrial robots being widely used in the plastic industries today. These industrial robots are being used in almost all areas of the production process, including operations related to injection molding.

Below are some of the areas whereby industrial robots can be used to automate the process of injection molding.


One way that industrial robots can be used in automating the injection molding process is by the use of pick-and-place robots. These robots are used to load plastic parts into the machine. They can also be used to place complete end products onto the conveyor belt.


Injection molding is a repetitive task, and when performed by human employees, it can leave room for discrepancies. Making use of the robots ensure that production is of the highest quality and ensures that products are well formed, cut with precision and that the finished product is well measured with every process.


Incorporating robots into the injection molding process provides the manufacturers with the much-needed viable advantage with visible surges in the produced parts’ quality and productivity.

Different robots are used in various areas in the automation of plastic injection molding, they include;

  • 3-Axis Cartesian robot; Due to their high-speed processes, they are usually used for horizontal plastic injection molding machines.
  • 6-Axis Articulated robot; This injection molding robot is usually used for both the vertical and horizontal injection molding machines. They are suitable for floor space or ceiling height constraints as they allow for a larger work envelope
  • 6-Axis Collaborative robot; The 6-axis collaborative robot operates safely alongside human operators, although it cannot compete with the other 6-axis robots in terms of precision and speed.
  • 4-Axis SCARA robot; The SCARA 4-axis robot usually provides a circular work envelope, and it is mainly used for loading and unloading vertical injection molding machines.
  • Side Entry robot; The side-entry robot is best for faster cycles. It is also suitable for areas with space constraints.
  • Sprue Picker robot; The sprue picker is usually used for the removal of sprue. It can also be used for part and runner separation in the automation of plastic injection molding.

Below are some of the areas where these robots can be applied in various production processes.

Machine Tending

One of the most common applications of injection molding robots is the machine tending process. Machine tending is a labor-intensive task that involves the handling of heat-sensitive material being molded. This requires a high level of consistency when handling developed materials. As such, a robot can be used to relieve human operators from this tedious task while also minimizing the risks of being injured.

The use of robotics in machine tending has been attributed to improved production capacity and product consistency. To avoid damages to newly injected molded parts, robots fitted with inflated grippers or vacuum can guarantee careful handling of the elements.

Insert Molding

Inserts are usually metal objects such as; pin, blade, or threaded rod. They are generally put inside the plastic mold either before or after the injection process. The 6-axis robots that are often used to load/unload an injection molding machine, can add these inserts into the molding.

Plastic Over-molding

This process is where two or more separate molded parts are joined together to form one finished product. Plastic over-molding requires different degrees for fast and accurate placement of components. Robots can be used to lift molded parts from the machine and place them onto another device for the over-molding process.

In-mold Labeling

In-mold labeling is a process for decorating or labeling plastic molded parts. It is usually done during the injection molding cycle. Robotics can be used to load pre-printed labels directly into the open plastic injection molds. Tags and decorations are then permanently engraved within the molded parts, hence becoming an essential part of the end product.


As a manufacturer, telling the different types of robots in the market and their applications can go along way in helping you make an informed decision. This article is intended to give you an insight into how the different types of robots are used in injection molding, and the various areas in which they can be applied.