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Granted, your average voting official doesn’t look as good as this dude, but he’s also wearing a camera that is NDAA-approved, without parts made in China

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier and safer, yet as we speak, we’re watching massive voter fraud on a scale not seen since the Soviet Union. It’s impossible to “trust the process” when voting machines magically gltich change votes from one candidate to another and vote counting happens at night without oversight. When the dust settles from this election, there is going to be a lack of trust on all sides for the process.

We need a way to start re-establishing that trust, and I think a smart move would be body cameras for voting officials. When body cameras first started appearing for police officers, there were mixed reviews and a lot of apprehension, but ultimately it was a good thing. My Cub Scout Pack visited the nearby police station, where one of the officers showed us her body camera system. I asked for her opinion, and she said she preferred them, because when people treated her poorly, spit at her and clawed at her face, it was captured on camera for a judge. Without body cameras, we wouldn’t be able to expose when police behave poorly, which helps weed out or correct poor performing officers and improves police performance overall.

So, why not for voting officials? Body cameras are significantly harder to change data. Police systems have encryption and protections to tag data if someone attempts to alter it. Time stamps would make it obvious if votes were counted after hours. Analytics on the camera system can identify and flag behaviors that would be suspicious.

Do we really want this again?

Instead of having officials board up windows, count in the night and treat voting like they’re some sort of mafia organization, let’s bring some transparency to the process with proven technology. If its good enough for the police, it should be good enough for voting officials.

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Here is the text of the appeal I submitted for this third lockdown in one week for retweeting the link to benford’s law

Not only is this the 3rd time you have falsely & baselessly accused me of tweeting “privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent” when I’ve retweeted this post on Benford’s statistical law but it’s the 2nd time you’ve done so AFTER APOLOGIZING FOR THE 1ST LOCKOUT AND SAYING IT WAS IN ERROR.

Not only are you slandering me in writing I might add but after the last time I won my appeal I tweeted you that I’d be retweeting this in 50 hours and updated you several times that I was going to do so.

Yet you locked me anyways and again made false accusations against me in writing. If the first time was in error what was the second, or the third. I’d call it deliberate malfeasance and that’s the most tame description I can think of

Now if you are so terrified about people seeing statistical evidence that Joe Biden’s “magic ballots” are just that have the courage to state you will not allow such evidence to be shown. Stop falsely accusing me of putting out ” privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their consent”

It’s just this type of deceitful and dishonorable behavior that makes your brand distrusted by half the population.

I will not delete the tweet in question nor will I submit. The only question is will you actually play by your own rules or is there a different set for those whose politics you don’t like?

You’re CEO has sworn under oath that this is not so, your repeated actions toward me this last week suggest he’s a liar.

I think a better word for that last sentence would have been “confirmed” rather than “suggest” but I guess I’m just too polite a guy

Make California Crazy Again

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Some of the more surprising results from Election Season are Biden’s victories in Georgia (the first time in 28 years Georgia has voted for the Democrat) and Arizona, which, aside from 2020, has voted for the Democrat once in 72 years.

Texas was a lot closer than in recent years: in 2000, Bush beat Gore by 21 points.  2004 was worse, Bush over Kerry by 23 points.  Even Romney beat Obama by 16 points in 2012.  Trump’s 9 point margin of victory in 2016 dwindled to 6 points in 2020. Texas’ downward trend in victory margins surely is furrowing Republican brows in DC.

And Trump’s victory in North Carolina was too close to call until just the other day.

In 2018, 86,164 Californians moved to Texas, the number one destination of Californians leaving the Golden State. 68,516 Californians moved to Arizona, the number 2 destination.  Nevada – another narrow Biden victory – was fourth, with 50, 707 Californians moving to the Silver State.  And North Carolina and Georgia were 14th and 15th, respectively.

The Republican Sunbelt is under assault. By Californians.

Since 2007, more Californians have moved to Texas and Arizona than anywhere else.

We’re like a virus, and we’re bring our crazy California progressive politics with us.

Law professor and Instapundit Master Glenn Reynolds has urged these states to provide a “welcome wagon” that explains why the generally more conservative politics of these red states have made them so attractive they’ve even pulled Californians away from paradise.

Fine idea, sure, but as the saying goes, one good idea deserves another.

It’s time to Make California Crazy Again.

It’s apparent California must be some kind of conservative hellhole. Why else would all these fine progressive people be leaving the state? We need to make California the progressive paradise, where transgender surgery coupons are handed to you as you cross what racists call a “border,” where snack machines are stocked with your choice of artisanal narcotics, where dollars are delivered to your doorstep so long as everyone takes a number.

We need to draw all those progressive Californians infecting the politics of their newly adopted homes back to paradise. Back to sunshine, cool vibes, and abortion clinics in high schools. Better one state takes the progressive fall than the whole nation.

Wait, progressives already run this state, you say? They have a veto-proof supermajority in both legislative chambers?

What’s that? Their policies are what’s driving everyone out in the first place?

Well, that’s a problem.

Welcome wagon, anyone?