Biden’s workdays vs Trump’s, Kendi the conservative capitalist, Reynolds at USA today, Twitter sets up a suit, and a point in Charlie Baker’s favor under the Fedora

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via Don Surber:

Surber notes that Trump put in 12-hour days and held rallies at night. but in fairness Donald Trump was actually in charge of the Trump administration. We don’t’ know who is in charge of the Biden Administration but we sure in hell know it’s not Joe Biden.

Some people are making fun of the cowardice of Ibram X. Kendi for ducking Larry Elder but in fairness it’s a very rational decision.

There is no chance that he will win over conservatives as they are too informed and there is every chance that Elder will show that Kendi’s insanity will not hold up under scrutiny and if that happens he risks some very high paying gigs.

Everyone is conservative about stuff that concerns their bottom line.

I was surprised to see Glenn Reynolds back at USA today to talk about the defeat of the left in Tuesday’s elections.

Apparently they had nobody else who didn’t exist out of their leftist bubble who could explain such a thing.

Drew Holden has yet another one of his threads exposing the left but there is one tweet of the batch that needs to be emphasized.

It would seem to me that Twitter selectively enforcing their rules is something they can be sued for. If I was the VA GOP I’d launch a suit against twitter for this.

Finally I want to address something I read concerning the race in NJ that said even in the GOP won at best we’d have a Romney style squish in NJ.

That may be so but I want to point out something.

During the rise of the George Floyd riots across the nation there was a big protest scheduled for Fitchburg. I was worried and so were a lot of business and homeowners. Some of us were making quiet preparations to defend our homes business & neighborhoods in case things went south.

When the day came things went off totally peacefully, police were deployed strategically and I have reason to believe that the Baker administration took preventative steps to keep it that way. (I’m short a 2nd source or I’d say more).

This was not the case in Illinois, or Minnesota, or Washington or Oregon all with Dem governors anxious not to upset their base.

I’ll wager that business owners and home owners would have been happy to have Charlie Baker in place of the leftists when the trouble started there.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    There is a reason that the political left prefers to censor or shut down their opposition rather than debate them on the merits, and Mr Kendi knows that.