10th Day of Christmas America’s not Back to Normal But the Patriots are

Posted: January 3, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A while back I wrote a piece about what what both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had to do in order to be considered successful in their new situations: Brady in Tampa Bay and Belichick in New England.

It goes without saying that Brady winning a superbowl means that he is a success and everything else is gravy.

But now with one game to go in the Season the New England Patriots are back in the playoffs and more importantly with a 10-6 record after week 17 would be in the playoffs even if another playoff team was not added.

Additionally they can still win their division if they win and the Bills lose or tie and while it’s unlikely that the Chief and Titans also somehow implode they could still actually end up as the top seed and get a 1st round bye

This is the first time that Bill has made the playoffs with a starting QB not named Tom Brady and with one game left to the season puts his record as a head coach in games when Brady has not started at 35-40 with the potential to get to .500 in non Brady games sometime next season.

Given these facts we have to conclude that Bill Belichick has not only had a successful season (no matter what happens in the playoffs as there are no pushovers in this field) and if Zac Taylor’s Bengals were not tearing up the league the top contender for coach of the year.

I would not be surprised if they are bounced in the 1st round by Buffalo, or the Chiefs, or the Bengals or the Titans or, if they win the division the Colts. But neither would I be surprised if they won a playoff game against any of these teams.

I’m sure the NFL is praying for a Brady vs Belicheck superbowl but while it’s unwise to ever bet against Brady I think it’s unlikely that Bill and Mac Jones can get past that really tough field to set up that matchup.

But no matter how you slice it we must conclude that Bill, like Tom have proved to anyone that doubts it, that both of them deserve all the credit in the world for the six superbowls that they were able to win together and the nine that they appeared in .

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