The Macra Terror Challenge

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Repeated line: THERE ARE NO MACRA!

Doctor Who the Macra Terror 1967

There are two things I do regularly while I work:

I pray my rosaries and divine mercy chaplets

I listen to Doctor Who audios

In terms of the Rosary it’s the same on a daily basis. I pray 3 20 decade rosaries for specific intentions for each decade and for variable intentions for two of the three Rosaries. (If you’ve ever asked me to pray for something and I’ve told you I’ll do so till you tell me to stop, odds are I’m still praying for your specific intention daily).

But the Doctor Who audios are different. I listen to them in order and once I finish Capaldi I go back to the 1st Doctor and start again with the 1st Doctor. It takes about nine months to listen to them all.

Right now I’m on the 2nd doctor. The currents companions are Jamie and Victoria and the current story is The Great Space Elevator. But it was just last week that I was listening to the Macra Terror with Jamie, Polly and Ben traveling with Patrick Troughten’s 2nd Doctor.

It’s’ the story of a society that’s being lied to and manipulated by it’s leadership (which has been taken over by the Macra for their own ends). There were a lot of such stories in the 2nd-5th Doctor era at a time when the people who wrote such stores preached skepticism toward government power.

I could not help but think of our current situation as I listened to it.

So I would like to offer a challenge to people in general and to Doctor Who fans who tend to lean left in particular.

I challenge those who have either the audio of the episode, Britbox, or the animated version of said lost episode to watch it and I challenge those who have neither to read this transcript of the episode.

Then ask yourselves if those pushing the vaccines and punishing those who refuse them remind you of anyone in the episode.

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