Five Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora: Dem Panic, The Missing Doctor Who Customers, Ukraine one up on Afghanistan, Reality Check for Pats & Bills fans, and Prophecy in progress

Posted: January 22, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

When I see the Democrats so frantic about not killing the filibuster to nationalize elections all I can think of is the tale from the book Commodore Hornblower when a British renegade on a captured French vessel realizes his bluff is up and is in a the fellow is in a dead panic.

I swear they seem to think that power is a divine right and never got over losing the house in 1994.

Speaking of leftists and divine rights I found a YouTube video on Doctor Who talking about the announcement that they will not be making any more animated versions of the lost episodes from the 60’s which all have the original soundtracks available but the video is lost. Apparently they have not proved as profitable as they thought it would and the youtuber in question blamed capitalism insisting that this was all about preserving cultural heritage.

Forgetting for a second the irony of this coming form the “topple the statues” left the real story is that if you spend three years chasing away half of your customer base there might have been enough of a demand for those old Hartnell and Troughton stories for it to be worth their while to make them.

Hey you

I see that the state department is suggesting that US personal get out of Ukraine before the Russians invade.

While this has all the making of another Afghanistan disaster and least this administration has figured out it’s better to get the Americans out before a country falls into chaos.

Baby steps forward I guess.

I have two reminders to all of those Patriots and Bills fans who are over reacting to their Pats defeat at the hands of Josh Allen.

  1. If you were asked at the start of the season if a 10-7 record and making the playoffs would be a success they would have been jumping up and down for joy so stop whining.
  2. Hey Bills fans I have a dirty little secret for you. It wasn’t the evil Patriots that were keeping you away from a chance at the Superbowl and/or the division for the last twenty years. It was Tom Brady and if you get to the Superbowl this year you may still need to get by him to win. I’d not bet the farm on it.

Finally I noticed at Legal Insurrection a story about how a lot of non-Catholic families are sending their kids to Catholic schools because of the various insanity going on.

It’s amazing how popular a school can be when you actually bother to teach people how to read, write, do math and some kind of moral code.

Of course it just might be Cardinal George’s prophecy about rebuilding civilization in action.

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