#MassFormationPsychosis A $10 word for something that’s not new

Posted: January 27, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Today is “Everybody blog about Mass Formation Psychosis day but when it comes down to it I think this is just giving a name to good old fashioned propaganda.

It’s the same type of thing that’s been in play in the various communist paradises for a century, it’s what was deployed in Germany under der Führer and it’s been the type of thing used to move populations all the way back to the war of Jenkins ear and before.

It’s just that today with mass media, the net, and all the other stuff whereby if someone farts in Uganda in the morning it’s on youtube by 11 am it’s been refined to an art. An evil and destructive art.

Many tyrants and leaders from history would recognize what’s being played today and marvel at it jealously but it’s to quote Aerosmith: The same old song and dance.

You can beat it with knowledge and reason but we’ve been sorely lacking of that lately so let me ask you one thing:

Do you want to be a serf or not?

That’s what it comes down to

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