Ready for the Blizzard of 2022? Thank a Bunch of Dead White Men

Posted: January 28, 2022 by datechguy in American Success Stories, culture

A lot of people spend a lot of time going after Western Civilization in general and White Men in particular as the cause of all the evils in the world, which I find very amusing as they are living in comfort thanks to the actions of a bunch of these old dead white men.

You have electricity in your house because of an old white man (Edison), you have a car in your yard because of of an old white man (Ford & others), you have a stove to cook with because of an old white man (Franklin), You have a flush toilet thanks to an old white man (or several), a water heater in your house thanks to an old white man (Maughan), a furnace thanks to a couple of old white man (Babcock and Wilcock) although you can give Alice Parker a black woman credit for central heating.

Bottom line there are a bunch of things that people take for granted that came from white men that their in no rush to abandon.

I bring this up today because there is a blizzard heading for my area and people are getting stocked up and ready for it.

The fact that they are able to know what’s coming and be ready for it can be laid at the feat of a bunch of dead white men. The old white men who developed the weather service and the observation stations that monitor the weather and just as important the old white men named Morse and Bell that invented the telegraph and the telephone which allowed these observations to be reported and coordinated.

If it were not for all these old dead white men we would have no clue, so if you survive this storm safe and sound give a bit of thanks to all those old white men who made it possible, and if acknowledging these facts trigger you too much to do so publicly do it privately.

Closing thought: The reality is the race of these men is not really relevant to what they did, but our friends on the left had decided that race is the most important thing in the world to consider on anything so I decided to play by their rules today.

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