Five Things the Left Would Have Gained in they didn’t steal the last election from Donald Trump

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Everything in life costs something and I suspect a lot of folks on the left didn’t realize how much better things might have been for them if they had declined to steal election 2020 from him. Here are Five:

5. The vaccines and all the side effects would be on Trump:

President Trump did all he could to have the flushots vaccines ready before the election but thanks to the efforts of the press the announcements didn’t take place until after and the Biden Administration had pretty much taken ownership of the shots and the boosters.

That means that all the people who are refusing the shots would have been in conflict with Trump and the media, rather than surprising the information about side effects and deaths could have pined each one of those on him.

4. All the COVID Deaths in the last year and beyond could have been pinned on Trump.

As you might have noticed even before the death counts on COVID during the Biden years exceeded the deaths during Trump’s term the media stopped reporting the counts.

If however Trump was still in office, every single one of those death would be pointing at him. The media could be highlighting them and the various families every single night. It would have been a narrative they would have been able to humanize and sell.

3. All the atrocities of the Taliban in Afghanistan could have been pinned on Trump

It is a given that Donald Trump would not have pulled out of Afghanistan in the haphazard way that Joe Biden’s Administration did leaving millions of Dollars of equipment and tens of thousands of Americans and allies stranded. That occurrence would have looked a lot better than the debacle that is completely on the Democrats but even if Trump pulled out everything and kept every American safe the end result would still have been the Taliban in power which would mean women repressed, Islamic law enforced and freedoms curtailed.

Those would have all been great stories for the left and media and each one of those acts of oppression could have been placed directly at Donald Trump door. Alas for the left/media they are owned by the Biden Administration now.

2. Term Limits would mean Trump would be mostly gone by 2024

Term limits would have meant that as of today the Era of Donald Trump would be nearing its end. They would not have to worry about running against Trump nor him pushing candidates past 2024.

Because of this Trump remains and treat in being and a player in 2022, 2024 and 2026, possibly beyond.

More importantly it would mean the GOP front runner in 2024 would have been Mike Pence who is both establishment and weak. Just the type of GOP leader the left loves.

1, They would not have been publicly exposed for who they were and what they were doing

The single biggest disaster for the left of this administration has been how much of the left’s / establishment’s has been exposed.

From what teachers are teaching to crack pipes in bills to the various double standards that have red pilled parents and workers alike.

For decades these things have been progressing quietly though America’s institutions unseen and unnoticed. Another decade of this slow march and it might have been impossible to stop.

This particularly applies to the tactics used to steal election which has been quietly used in state and local elections. This type of thing has likely been going on for a long time without any significant pushback. Now you have open hearings and companies and lawmakers going so far as to claim that voting machines are so fragile that auditing them will force them to be thrown out.

Not only is the story is out on all these things and more but all these institutions that the left have been painstakingly moving to take over for decade now no longer have the trust of the public and thus no longer the power that make them worth taking over.

Like cockroaches smoked out of the walls now all of these things can be crushed and destroyed.

All of this and more is the price the left/media is paying for stealing election 2020. Ironically it may prove to be have been a blessing in disguise, albeit a really good one.

  1. W King says:

    Too true. By mid last year I have felt that Biden’s victory saved Trump’s legacy.

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