Archive for February 11, 2022

When you’re the PM of a supposedly free nation and have pieces by liberal journalists comparing you to Ceauşescu, that’s a pretty strong “Are we the baddies?” indicator.

When you confiscate gas from Truckers, are ordered to return it by a judge and it comes back contaminated. that a good time to ask: “Are we the baddies?

There are few “Are we the baddies?” tells in a supposedly a free Democracy like a police officer showing up at your house because you put up facebook post on the Trucker Convoy.

When you try to shut down a Christian Charity’s support for the Truck Convoy and said Charity’s response is open defiance, odds are it’s time to ask: “Are we the Baddies?”

When you are reporting from your studio that the Truck Convoy is full of a bunch of Nazi’s and white supremacists‘ and average people go outside and see exactly the opposite, the moment has come to wonder: “Are we the baddies?”