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Tip O’Neil And Late Stage COVID Policy

Posted: February 14, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Back in my youth when there was such a thing as sane Democrats Tip O’Neill the congressman and later speaker of the house from Massachusetts was famous for two specific phrases:

  1. All Politics is local
  2. I’ve always known how to count

These two principles are basic. One must make sure you are keeping the local voter happy and be sure to know if you have to votes before advancing any position.

The sudden about face by Democrats both locally and nationally on COVID restrictions reflect both of these realities.

The anger on the local level, particularly at school boards reflect a real problem for the left. Once conservatives are engaged locally all of their attempts to mold society become placed in danger and awakes voters to the dangers of their policies. The longer these restrictions go on, the more danger they are to the media/left.

But even more importantly are the poll numbers. Tip always maintained the most important thing a pol needed to know was how to count and while matchmakes are not encouraged in schools where Democrats are in charge, if you want to win elections without theft or sometimes even with them, you have to make the numbers close enough so they are within the margin of fraud.

2022 looks like a liberal disaster. Moving the COVID goalposts is the Democrats best shot of nudging the numbers back into a range where their problems might still be critical but not insoluable.

Tip would approve.