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By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – A bit of this and a bit of that this week.

Tech Issues: I am so sympathetic to the tech issues that your trusty blog host, DaTechGuy, was having not too long ago. We have been going through some computer upgrades at the office which on one hand is great; we have super fast lovely new computers, but for a solid week we couldn’t access email accounts. Not good. After extended conversations with GoDaddy and then with the tech company that did the upgrades, we finally got email access again.  But, there’s a catch: those of us in the office can only access our email at our work stations. Not on our mobiles and not remotely from home. And it gets better: we can’t change our password and we aren’t allowed to know what our password is!

So, you can’t log out of your email because you can’t log back into it without a password. And anyone who sits at my workstation, for example, can read my email, or even more strange, can send out emails under my name.

What the heck is this all about?!

I have no idea, and it’s already problematic as I received a time sensitive message before the weekend and was not able to access it for two days until I went back to my desk. Not good.

Really, tech upgrades are always a problem from where I sit. I’ve never been through a new phone, computer, tablet, router, whatever, without multiple hiccups.

Here’s hoping this gets resolved soon!

Local Elections: Speaking of hiccups, we have a mayoral election coming up this fall in Shreveport. Our current mayor, an inexperienced Democrat who has been nothing but a disaster, is running unopposed as of this writing, and … you guessed it…the Republicans are splitting the vote with multiple candidates. This is exactly how this clown won his first term. Beyond aggravating.

We can only hope the Republicans get together before the actual election and everyone not leading the polls needs to drop out. If our current mayor wins re-election you can get out your erasers and take Shreveport off the map. Done. Lights out.

Facebook Jail: With all this drama, we needed a little laugh around here which we handily found when my husband landed in Facebook jail a few days ago. It was his first offense (miraculously) and so it was only 24 hours, but he spent his time in the hoosgow singing prison songs (think Merle Haggard). I told him it is a badge of honor to be in Facebook jail these days and not to worry about it. He really doesn’t care, so I expect he will be a repeat offender.

Other than all this organized chaos, things are relatively quiet around here given that it is Mardi Gras season and we are all running about catching parades and hanging cheap plastic beads around our necks with stuffing our bellies with every variety of King Cake we come across. Bavarian, cream cheese, strawberry, traditional cinnamon, even boudin stuffed King Cakes are readily available. Lent will be here soon and hopefully things will settle down to more somber and dutiful ways.

Until then, take care and be kind.

The Mask is the left’s Golden Calf

Posted: February 21, 2022 by datechguy in culture, Uncategorized

The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything: 

Emile Cammaerts, paraphrasing Chesterton

PJ Media wrote the post I’ve been meaning to write for weeks:

Seitz-Wald is correct. Urban Democrats especially have taken mask-wearing to a whole other level, making the kind of mask you wear sort of like gang colors. That’s not an easy identifier to lose under any circumstances.

Beyond that, masks always gave liberals a sense of superiority over the “rubes” in flyover country. They “followed the science” — until the science said something else and then they simply pretended it didn’t and continued to mask up.

Now they’re fighting a rearguard action to keep the emergency going. On one level, it’s truly pathetic. Finding meaning in life by wearing a mask proves Thoreau’s point of the “mass of men living lives of quiet desperation.”

But losing the mask also denotes losing control of the rest of us. For a left-wing authoritarian, that’s got to hurt.

You see the reason why they call it “virtue signaling” is that you’re just sending a signal, you don’t have to practice actual virtue and for the left the Mask has become the ultimate in virtue signaling. All it takes is to see that piece of cloth around one’s face and viola not only can you show you are of the right groupthink but you can identify others who are with you.

Much easier than those Christian virtues, of charity, faith, hope and the pesky business of loving your neighbor, particularly your enemies

Here is the MSNBC quote:

Masks are the left’s latest golden calf and it will be just as merciful a god as the first one was.