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I’ve got to learn to say stuff when I think of it because when I wait someone else gets it out there first like Christina Pushaw who pointed this out:

I suspect there are plenty of people in the Gay community who really dislike the media/left pushing this stuff because it reinforces all the stereotypes that they spent the last five decades shaking off. I further suspect that they are afraid of saying what I just wrote outloud because the only things the left hates more than either God or conservatives are anyone they consider apostates.

Pushaw’s comments are part of the response to the move by NYC to try to attract floricans who might be outraged by the inability of teachers to talk sex with 5-8 year olds without their portents consent or knowledge.

Now given that taxes, impossible COVID restricts , looting in the city and crime to the point where people aren’t safe even in toney neighborhoods or shops I’d say that the type of people who would move back to that environment over the new Florida law are exactly the type of people that the state would like to rid itself of.

It’s often said that it’s not the crime it’s the coverup that causes the most grief. Something like this is happening with the War in Ukraine.

While the war itself has plenty of horrible within it that will cause grief for years the side effects of the war from the cutting off of gas from Europe, to the nationalizing of a Russian company in Germany will have much longer lasting effects on the world.

The biggest of these is Russia pegging the Ruble to gold giving it an actual real value as opposed to most other currencies that are backed by good intentions and high hopes. The end result to the commodity markets, the dollar are likely to mean that Russia while hurt by this stuff is going to do OK in the end.

In fairness however these things won’t hurt western elites that much, only the regular people who they considered their serfs and as far as they’re concerned we deserve it.

Tuesday I finished by playoff series in the 1969 Draft league for Dynasty baseball. My Seattle Pilots won the final two game of the series that had been even to win the AL Pennant against a very tough Cleveland Indians team lead by Co-MVP Harmon Killebrew who hit a solo shot in the bottom of the 8th with the season on the line to tie the game. The only reason why it didn’t give Cleveland the lead was that Tommy Harper made an incredible play on a line shot by Jimmy Wynn that would have put two men on for the Killer. Instead he doubled off Sudden Sam McDowell who had singled which meant that when Al Weis hit his deep sacrifice fly with one and and the bases loaded in the top of the 9th the go ahead run could score without even a throw.

The Series begins today against a very tough New York Mets team that is led by NL MVP Hank Aaron acquired in a trade with the Braves and a rotation about as loaded as you can get Steve Carlton, Juan Marichal, Tom Seaver and Denny McLain that cost him a fortune in draft picks and future prospects.

I don’t fancy my chances countering with Mike McCormick, Dick Bosman, Casey Cox and Ken Holtzman but if I do go down it will be fighting and I’ll only be down one one fifth round pick (traded for Ron Farley) for next season.

If nothing else I hope to do better than in my face to face league where I was swept away ignominiously so quickly that I actually had time to get to a 3:15 pm confession after starting the series just before noon.

Still two leagues, two world series, not bad at all.

Incidentally still have two openings for expansion teams for the1970 season in this league and we’re always recruiting in the face to face one.

game on Every now and then there is a funeral mass at the time of my scheduled adoration. Usually when that is the case I just leave early but I decided to stay for the funeral mass. I had been adoring in the area where the family usually sits so I moved to just behind that area and was shortly replaced by a block of about 50 family members dressed impeccably, children, grandchildren and some great grand children.

While the woman in question was a faithful catholic within five minutes of the start of the Mass it was very clear that not a single one of those family members had been to Mass in years. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life.

My sons are 28 and 30, neither is married yet and the prospects of me living long enough to have anything near that large a clan at the time of my death to attend my funeral mass are slim to non-existent but I feel pretty good about my chances of having a larger group of faithful family members in attendence.

Pray for her family.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that Russia is losing the fighting war, but winning the financial/sanctions war. They are in for a bloody slog in Ukraine, whether they ultimately get their goal of a neutered Ukraine or not. The reputation of the mighty Red Army, cultivated for decades by both the Soviets and the Pentagon, has taken a hit in the fighting so far that will take them decades to repair.

    On the other hand, it looks like the sanctions, although hurting Russia, are hurting the US and Europe more. And that they will prompt the creation of a financial system that bypasses the dollar and euro, and thus ultimately dimishes the clout of both. You can bet that many many countries, not just Russia, are unhappy with the way the US and Europe froze Russian businesses and government’s assets. And they will be working on ways to counteract that.